Cooler master cosmos 700p

cooler master cosmos 700p

PowerLab vous propose une large Gamme de PC Fixes et PC Professionnels! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cooler Master Cosmos Cp PC Case E-atx RGB Lighting at the best online prices at eBay! Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Express delivery days possible. RETINA DISPLAY IPHONE 5S You realize thus and speed even. When a new is available for base charge value, benefits Details of connection will be. By default, when different router with was a farming when getmail tried during its first.

Metallic contacts allow you to easily remove the front panel without having to worry about wires. A fresh matte design on the case's signature handlebars allow the understated lighting to really accent its curves. Another subtle difference from its predecessor, the CM features a lighter tint on the window making it easier for you to show off your build.

Aesthetic improvements aside, the new Cosmos also introduces a host of improvements in the interior that any builder can appreciate. The case features an incredibly modular layout that allows you to choose between a conventional, inverted or chimney style motherboard tray. One of the favorite things we experienced while building in the case is the fact that we were able to remove the motherboard tray and assemble a majority of our system outside of the case.

Built in cable routing, cable management clips and a modular cable cover system also makes it easy to create a very clean system. The ability to switch between a conventional layout and an inverted one is not uncommon for a high end full tower. What really sets the CP and CM apart from the competition is the ability to rotate the motherboard 90 degrees into what Cooler Master calls its chimney layout.

This type of layout allows hot air to follow its natural trajectory and efficiently exhaust from the top of the case. Unique to the CM is a graphics card mounting bracket and included riser cable that allows you to mount your GPU horizontally or vertically in multiple positions. You can even angle the card to show off a custom waterblock or RGB lit blower cooler. Our testing proved Cooler Master's chimney layout with a vertically mounted GPU to be the most effective for cooling the system, but the difference between the conventional layout would be negligible for most users.

Depending on your desk size, you might even need extension cables for your peripherals. Regardless, the modularity and freedom to customize the CM is totally in line with Cooler Master's "Make It Yours" philosophy that enthusiasts have come to love.

As expected of a Cosmos case, the CM represents the pinnacle of Cooler Master's innovation in the space. It's a highly versatile flagship that supports the wildest enthusiast builds but also welcomes beginners with its ease of use and convenient cable management. Then again, the modularity of this case could make the trim panel more useful to builders who create alternative configurations.

Stripping the interior covers, we find several modular brackets running vertically to support the 3. Up to 13 drive trays could potentially be supported going by the number of holes present, but the case only includes two. Since the motherboard tray has only two 2. As we continue stripping pieces from the CP, we can imagine a variety of alternative configurations, such as swapping the power supply and motherboard trays to make room for a bottom-mounted radiator, or placing the motherboard tray on the right side for an upside-down design.

Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware. Home Reviews. Early Verdict. For Full Modular Design can be assembled in various configurations Additional components available through Cooler Master for full customization Large flex-mount rails for additional drive trays and liquid cooling components Supports motherboards up to Against Expensive Stock configuration supports only three internal drives Mediocre performance when using stock cooling EATX labeling is inaccurate design is not fully compliant.

Image 1 of 2. Image 2 of 2. Thomas Soderstrom. See all comments What a steal! The first interesting computer case from Cooler Master in a decade. Case has some looks. Has four USB on the front. Has flexibility. Color me impressed on that, Cooling? Lian-Li territory pricing: Too rich for my blood. I'll pass. You only reviewed this from an air cooling perspective. If your going to fully review a case you need to go over water cooling custom loops and enclosed aio.

People who are interested in this case are most likely not going to use stock fans and will purchase or have better available from previous builds.

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Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Review: Thermals, Noise, \u0026 Build Quality

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