Lenovo thinkpad t480 costco

lenovo thinkpad t480 costco

Buy Lenovo Thinkpad T 14" Full HD FHD Business Laptop (Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core iU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, GB PCIe M.2 SSD) Backlit, Thunderbolt 3. My dad needs a new laptop to do some work on. But she decided to get nami.jojojar.xyz Earn an additional $20 in rewards when you trade-in your old electronics for Earth Day! Earn rewards, while helping the planet! Recycle arrows. IdeaPad Flex. APPLE MACBOOK AIR 2011 CHARGER Released an update starts up in file that could be a virus. This works particularly virtual wire pair, are cleared from emails that you're read for more right mix of using your preferred. Make sure your provide information on have to open authenticity and creator networks, servers, applications, etc.

So, trade electronics with Lenovo today, and get some cash back that you can use towards the modern tech your heart desires - all while helping the Earth out a bit while you're at it. Of course, Lenovo has long been known for the quality, reliability, and innovation found in our laptops and PCs. With a profound emphasis being placed on quality in the construction of our tools over the last several decades, you won't often have to trade in your trusty old ThinkPad , but inevitably, new technologies come along to replace the old.

But our laptop exchange program isn't reserved for Lenovo models only, you can also trade in laptops from several well-recognized PC manufacturers for a Visa Gift Card. What we once considered the traditional desktop has evolved immensely over the last decade. Large, brick-shaped tower PCs are still produced with regularity, but more often it's the adaptable models like Lenovo Yoga , attractive and space-saving all in ones , and ultra-compact towers that draw the eyes of modern PC users.

So, if you're looking to free up space and add a sharp bit of new aesthetic to your workspace, Lenovo is offering Visa Gift Card in return for your old desktop, and plenty of modern replacement options to spend it on. One might argue that gaming technology evolves faster than most other PC tech, and Lenovo has prepared for the current PC gaming age we find ourselves in - one where we consistently see powerfully massive improvements to graphics cards, storage, processors, memory, and more year by year.

So, if your gaming laptop or gaming PC is struggling to keep up with today's fast-paced, modern PC games , look to Lenovo Legion for a long-term upgrade. Lenovo Legion laptops and PCs are more upgradeable than many prebuilt gaming PCs you'll find on the market. We don't solder on as many components as some manufacturers, meaning your Lenovo Legion gaming PC is easier to upgrade over time. So, trade in your old gaming PC and upgrade to the long-lasting power of Lenovo Legion today.

Old PCs aren't the only tech that can impact the environment when tossed away, so Lenovo also accepts trade ins of smartphones, tablets , gaming consoles, computer monitors and displays, assorted media and MP3 players, and even smart watches. And the great news is that if you're looking for a modern upgrade to any of the above device types that you're ready to party with, Lenovo offers excellent alternatives to them all. Refresh and try when others quit.

This model is configurable! Click Build Your PC to start configuring. Third-party reseller data may not be based on actual sales. Third-party data may not be based on actual sales. You may compare up to 4 products per product category laptops, desktops, etc. Please de-select one to add another. This is a recommends products dialog. Sign in View your account and check order status Sign out My Account Checkout faster, save items and more!

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Question What was the better option to buy? Thread starter SirNico Start date Aug 10, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Aug 10, 1 0 10 0. My dad needs a new laptop to do some work on. Since my mom is hellbent on not buying a AMD cpu since she said they're slow even the new Ryzen ones.

I said my choice would have been better but she insists that Dells are bad. AngelTech Estimable. May 18, 1, 2, The only difference I see is the screen size so hard to say which is "better" as for AMD argument I cannot say if it is as good as it is on desktops all I know is it's the productivity king now over on desktop as for mobile I am pretty sure Intel still has that market tied down and my mom is the same she will only buy laptops from HP everywhere else she won't buy.

Jan 1, 18, 3, 67, 1, Thinkpads are good machines. If she doesnt like dell the thinkpad is a good unit. I have never seen an optane accelorated ssd b4. Phaaze88 Titan Ambassador. Dec 30, 17, 4, 91, 3, They're practically identical in performance. Your mom's right about Ryzen cpus only when it comes to prebuilt laptops, because the manufacturer cheaped out by putting slow mhz ram inside.

Cutting corner's to keep the price lower. Ryzen shines with - mhz. If you go for a custom build, where you select the parts yourself, and don't skimp on ram speed, the Ryzen pulls ahead of Intel. Reactions: AngelTech.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T480: The Last of the PowerBridge lenovo thinkpad t480 costco

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Also, the battery is not replaceable. For the cooling system, the Ts makes use of a single fan and two heat pipes. It does a great job of keeping the system cool. But, heavy-duty tasks run for long periods will make it run hot. For the Lenovo T, you have more upgrade options than the Ts. You need to be careful when removing the bottom panel. Once removed you can proceed to do your upgrades.

There is also an HDD bay if you want cheap and large storage. For cooling, you have a single large fan and a heat pipe. Although, there is one less heat pipe than the Lenovo Ts it does a great job at cooling the system. However, pushing it to the limits will cause it to run at high temperatures just like every other laptop.

There is also a touchscreen option. Both laptop displays have good viewing angles and sharpness. On the bright side, the WQHD option has better brightness and colour accuracy. The display is so much pleasant to look at. Both displays do not have slim bezels and you can turn the display hinge degrees. One more thing.

The display options for the Lenovo T are all matte including touch. That means no glare and reflections. The Lenovo Ts touchscreen display is glossy. The rest of the display options are anti-glare matte. Both have the same chiclet keyboard , TrackPoint and touchpad. Comfortable keyboards that have a good amount of key travel and tactile feedback. Overall, the keyboard provides a pleasant typing experience. One of the main reasons why ThinkPads are highly praised.

You still have your touchpad which has Windows 10 gestures. The touchpad is covered with soft-touch material that is smooth to the touch. Even dry fingers will be able to glide over easily. Nevertheless, the Intel Core i5s and i7s are sufficient enough to multitask and handle demanding tasks.

The cooling system is also good enough to prevent the CPU from thermal throttling all the time. Both laptops are not gaming laptops. Some games might be unplayable. Casual games will run smoothly though. This is where the Lenovo ThinkPad T wins. Because the battery is replaceable and swappable. There is an external area where you can insert or remove the battery. Plus, it already has an in-built 24WHr battery. The 24WHr plus 24WHr combination will provide hours.

The 24WHr plus 48WHr will provide hours. And the 24WHr plus 72WHr will provide more than 12 hours of battery life. However, this comes at a cost. The bigger the battery capacity the thicker the battery is going to be. This only applies to the battery. Your Lenovo T will remain the same size though. The Lenovo laptop can also output 4K content with a frame rate of up to 60 FPS to an external display via Thunderbolt 3.

This is why the business notebook can be used not only for simple office work but also for image and video-editing and, to a very limited extent, for gaming. With its versatile security features, the T goes primarily after office workers, students, teachers and business customers.

During our latency test, the LatencyMon utility did not reveal any abnormalities. All drivers seem to be in good order, and we did not observe any stuttering or lagging. The T is based on the Intel Core iU. This CPU has four physical cores and can process up to eight threads at the same time thanks to its Hyper-Threading capabilities. The CPU clock rate fluctuates between 1. In our minute Cinebench R15 loop, we observed a drop in performance between the first and the second benchmark runs.

After that things were pretty stable. This performance drop can be chalked up to the fact that the CPU is allowed to exceed its TDP of 25 watts only for a very short time the CPU drew 29 watts for 28 seconds in this case. Subsequently, the TDP remained steady at 25 watts. However, it hit 15 watts as soon as the CPU reached its thermal limit. When running on battery power, the clock rate fluctuates between 2 and 3 GHz in the multi-core benchmark.

Here, the ThinkPad T exhibits an average clock rate of 2. Apparently, there are certain processes that slow the system down, and restarting the device seems to fix this issue, no matter the temperature or previous load. However, we were not able to identify any specific processes or any other cause for that matter.

That being said, after a BIOS update this issue seems to have gone away, and this is why we did not include these performance drops in our review. The T takes second place in our comparison group. All in all, the CPU performance is on the normal level for the iU. That being said, the CPU in the Ts is even faster.

When it comes to the system performance, the T achieves very good results. Here, all of the devices are very close to each other. However, the T does manage to snag the top spot in the Work benchmark. The pricier Ts is also somewhat slower. All in all, the T provides a great user experience. Everything seems to run smoothly and there is no lag to talk about. The T has a wide variety of storage devices on offer. Our review model features a GB M. This connection has only two PCIe lanes to offer.

The Samsung SSD would have been quite a bit faster if it had four lanes at its disposal. This has not been mentioned anywhere, but it is reflected in our benchmark results. That being said, the included SSD is still mighty fast. The somewhat more expensive Ts does not seem to have the same limitation as the cheaper T We can see no reason why this hardware limitation should exist. Placing the included SSD in the empty M. If you do decide to get a second SSD, you should look for one with a shorter length.

Our review device comes with two graphics solutions. However, there is a ThinkPad T without a dedicated graphics card. The MX can be described as a budget graphics solution that can run all graphically-demanding applications to a limited extent. These values are well within the norm for an MX However, in practice, some models may throttle down significantly almost as soon as they start operating.

The T delivers great results in the synthetic 3DMark benchmarks. That it manages to completely obliterate competing devices with the integrated graphics chips should come as no surprise. However, the cut-down version generates less heat. Our review device also consistently outperforms the average MX which is an aggregate of all the MXs that we have benchmarked so far.

Good news: You can actually run games on the ThinkPad T Bad news: Gaming on the T is not always pretty. The T can only run very demanding titles on the lowest settings at p. However, less-demanding games can be run at p and with the medium settings. For example, The Witcher 3 can achieve a very smooth average frame rate of 59 FPS on the lowest settings at x Here, you can either turn up the resolution or the eye-candy.

That being said, the game achieves about 34 FPS on the medium settings at x, which is not a frame rate that can guarantee stable performance in demanding scenes. However, Rise of the Tomb Raider manages to eke out a half-way decent frame rate of 37 FPS on the above-mentioned medium settings.

In Doom , we actually get 57 FPS with these same settings. If you turn down the graphics settings a bit you might even be able to achieve playable performance at p in Doom. Less-demanding titles like Rocket League have no problem achieving playable frame rates at p on the high settings. In our gaming stress test, in which we run The Witcher 3 for 60 straight minutes on the maximum setting, the T evinces very stable performance.

Of course, on the highest setting, the game is not playable at all, but it does go to show that the T has no problem maintaining its gaming performance over an extended period of time. Our review device, on the other hand, manages to stay consistently within the norm or even slightly exceed it at times.

This is why these devices perform considerably worse than the T All in all, our opening statement holds true: The ThinkPad T is fit for gaming only to a limited degree. The device can run demanding games only on the lowest settings and at low resolutions. At times, the medium settings are also possible.

Less-demanding titles and casual games can run smoothly at p most of the time. In terms of system noise, the ThinkPad T is very easy on the user's ears. It never gets excessively loud. The fans sometimes spin up even under low loads, but in general they are turned off most of the time. We measured a maximum noise level of Only the Dell Latitude produces more noise, even though it comes with an integrated graphics solution. The rest of the competing devices exhibit similar system noise profiles.

However, all of them feature quieter, integrated graphics adapters. We did not observe any annoying coil whine or anything like that in the course of our review. The fan speed is mostly determined by the CPU load. Simple office tasks do not make the ThinkPad T break a sweat. Unfortunately, things look different when the system is taxed. We consider such temperatures to be too hot. However, the reason for this is that they lack discrete graphics cards.

If the T had only the integrated graphics card it would also have been cooler on the underside. When it comes to the heat distribution, the Lenovo ThinkPad T hands in a very good result, because the wrist rest area remains quite cool. The heat is mostly concentrated in the middle and on the left side and at the bottom. Subsequently, it runs at 1. If you move the mouse cursor then the CPU wakes up as does the fan, to a lesser extent.

This inconsistency cannot be attributed to a simple driver issue. Lenovo must have been involved in this directly. The GPU operates consistently at 1 to 1. To get straight to the point: The speakers of the ThinkPad T are average at best. They are not particularly loud and offer very little in the way of bass.

Furthermore, the mids and the highs are not reproduced very faithfully. Those who are not dependent on the internal speakers should get a pair of headphones, or better yet some external speakers. The internal stereo speakers are located at the front of the underside: One speaker on the right, the other on the left.

Frequency diagram in comparison select or deselect the checkboxes above! The T is very energy-efficient. That it consumes more energy than the competition because of its dedicated graphics card is not surprising. However, the Ts manages to be somewhat more energy-efficient. And while the Ts exhibits a higher peak power draw than the T, on average, it draws almost 10 watts less. When running The Witcher 3 the Ts also consumes significantly less energy than the T 34 watts vs.

At idle, the power consumption can be noticeably affected by the keyboard backlight. When the backlight is off, the maximum power draw amounts to 7. If you switch on the backlight to the first level, the energy consumption rises 0. If you set the backlight to the second level then the power consumption increases by 1. This goes to show that the first level is considerably more power-efficient.

In view of the power consumption figures, the watt AC power adapter should have no trouble supplying the device with enough energy. After all, the maximum power draw of about 67 watts drops down to roughly 54 watts almost as soon as it is reached. Therefore, the power supply offers enough reserves to be able to charge the battery even under extreme loads. According to the official spec sheet, there is also a watt AC adapter on offer, which we consider to be significantly under-powered.

With this power supply, the battery would be discharging in some cases even when the device is plugged in, and it would eventually die. It looks as though Lenovo has axed the watt option and made the watt version the standard. Nevertheless, buyers should still make sure that they get a watt variant. Just like its predecessors, our review device has a secondary battery. It also has a smaller Wh internal battery, to which a secondary, hot-swappable battery can be added.

The capacity of the external battery ranges from 24 three cells to 48 six cells to 72 six cells Wh. Even though adding a secondary battery makes the device heavier and thicker, we still recommend it. In any case, the user can always decide whether they want a light and slim laptop without the external battery or a heavier and thicker but longer-lasting notebook with the secondary battery. Our review device comes with the Wh ancillary battery.

We used this battery to conduct all of the following battery benchmarks. We use the BatteryEater utility to determine how long a battery can possibly last. During this test, the brightness is set to minimum, the communications modules are disabled and the energy-saving functions are turned on.

The T achieves a battery runtime of almost 28 hours, thanks to its secondary battery. We use our practically-oriented Wi-Fi benchmark to examine how long a battery can last when browsing the web. The Wi-Fi benchmark simulates loads that are consistent with surfing the Internet. Our review device lasts for 13 hours and 14 minutes.

Without the external battery, the T dies after about 5 hours. Next comes our video test, in which we play a short H. The power-saving functions are switched on, the brightness is reduced and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled. Here, our review device turns in a runtime of 10 hours and 38 minutes a great result for movie-watching. Without the additional battery, the laptop shuts down after approximately 3 hours. We also utilize BatteryEater Classic Test to establish the minimum runtime.

The program puts the system under heavy load. The T hands in a battery runtime of only 2 hours and 39 minutes, despite having the secondary battery. At the end of the day, the presence of the secondary battery helps ensure a great battery life for the T, except in the stress test. That being said, the competition is not too far away. But on the flip-side, they don't have a dedicated graphics card.

That being said, the internal battery of the T is really small. This is why you can only expect relatively short battery runtimes from the device. Nevertheless, this functionality is quite versatile in that if you need mobility you can remove the additional battery and if you need a strong battery life you can put the external battery back in.

The internal battery itself takes about 60 minutes to reach a full charge. We really appreciate the ability to put in and take out the battery whenever we need to. The display that is very sensitive to pressure as well as the slowed-down but still mighty fast SSD are the main points of criticism that we have for the ThinkPad T As a matter of fact, these issues could have been avoided by the manufacturer in the first place.

Moreover, the strange throttling behavior that crops up under heavy load as well as the unexplainable drop in performance that occurs during extended work sessions leave us quite puzzled and perplexed.

Luckily, these issues can be solved via a manual BIOS update to version 1. Against this backdrop we have a number of positive aspects such as the bright and contrast-rich display, the superb input devices, a lot of good security features, the practical secondary battery and the great performance with a few limitations. If you are looking for a high-quality notebook with lots of security features you cannot go wrong with the ThinkPad T, especially if you qualify for the Campus Program.

The hardware and the dedicated graphics card in particular ensure that the laptop is fit for all modern usage scenarios albeit to a somewhat limited extent. Furthermore, the T is still a very mobile device, which makes it into a great business laptop that is suited for so much more than just office work. Nevertheless, we still recommend it, at least after the BIOS update. Intel Core iU 4 x 1. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Rubberized finish on the lid. Rough plastic on the chassis. The red LED light on the lid lights up when the device is powered on. Back: nothing. Front: nothing. SD Card Reader. Fingerprint reader. T from below - six screws. T opened. RAM slot. Internal battery. Empty M. Additional warranty options.

The input devices. The TrackPoint. Display - High-end pressure-sensitive laptop. Pixel arrangement. Minor backlight bleeding, under normal conditions. Increased backlight bleeding, the display lid is being moved upwards. Grayscale after calibration. Colors after calibration. Saturation after calibration. In direct sunlight in March.

Viewing angles. Performance - Business laptop with graphics. Cinebench R

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