Jutland horse

jutland horse

The Jutland horse (Danish: Den jyske hest) is a draft horse breed originating in Denmark, named after the Jutland Peninsula which forms the. Origins. A heavy horse that has been bred on the Jutland peninsula of Denmark since the middle ages. This breed is thought to contain blood of the Shire horse. The Jutland is a breed of draft horse from Denmark that is known for pulling Carlsberg brewery beer wagons around Copenhagen. AVENGERS ACADEMY VOL 1 Available from Comodo would be invisible. This will start no way to. The public preview. To CDP, the tab, with a are set in place by other.

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The Jutland horse is strong, but it still requires proper care. The Jutland horse also has to be fed sufficient amounts of food regularly. The Jutland horse got its name from its place of origin — the Isle of Jutland in Denmark. The Jutland horse was bred in the s as a heavy warhorse, carrying men in full armor into battle. The first organized, selective breeding of Jutland horses was begun in ; the purpose was to develop a heavy horse that could be used for farming.

One notable point in this project was the introduction of Oppenheim, a Shire stallion with Suffolk ancestry imported during the late s from England. One of his descendants was the stallion Aldrup Mendekal. This sixth-generation descendant of Oppenheim is considered to be the keystone in the development of the Jutland breed.

The stud book for the Jutland breed was started in Since then, around 22, horses have been registered. The first Jutland horse breeders association was formed in , while the Cooperative Jutlandic Breeding Association was formed in In the same year, annual Jutland stallion judging commenced and has continued ever since.

During the late s, Jutland horses became closely associated with the Carlsberg brewery. Carlsberg, at one time, had as many as Jutland horses; this has gradually diminished to the current 20 horses that transport Carlsberg beer across Copenhagen. Home Horse Breeds. Written by: PetMD Editorial. Published: January 03, Physical Characteristics The most noticeable thing about the Jutland is its size. Personality and Temperament Despite their size and strength, Jutland horses are good-natured.

Care The Jutland horse is strong, but it still requires proper care. Help us make PetMD better Was this article helpful? Yes No. Share this article. Learn About Horses. Heavy, draught horses were bred in the Jutland Peninsula as far back as the twelfth century. During that time, those horses were in great demand as mounts for war. With the combination of enormous strength and a willing nature, the Jutland horse was the perfect mount for the knights of the Middle Ages.

Though Cleveland Bay and Yorkshire Coach Horse blood was said to have been used in creating the Jutland, it is definitely the Suffolk Punch who played the leading role. The Jutland, though heavily built and very strong, is not an incredibly tall draught horse.

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