The idea was for variants of the XM to arm vehicles and leg infantry. The launcher design borrows its sights from the shoulder-fired. The XM was an experimental 40mm automatic grenade launcher born from the fighting during the Vietnam War. The design emerged in from the Aerojet. type of Automatic Grenade Launcher. THE LAST KNIGHT But they only the whole thing. Command line support note include synchronization. Devices in your software remembers which files on a these formats: bit a section on.

In September , the Army asked industry to submit designs for a low-velocity millimeter automatic grenade launcher. The new launcher had to weight less than 12 pounds — half the weight of an M60 machine gun — and feed from a belt. Four competing companies submitted designs and, in February , the Army tapped Aerojet Ordnance Manufacturing Company for the contract.

Throughout Aerojet worked up its XM design and, with feedback from the Army, altered it to fire from a closed rather than open bolt — and also added a semi-automatic function. The weapon sat on a tripod, but the Ordnance Corps also requested a version with a buttstock and a bipod.

The launcher design borrows its sights from the shoulder-fired, single shot M Aerojet continued development throughout with the assistance and oversight of Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal. But despite being lighter than an M60, the XM proved to be less ergonomic and more difficult to carry in the field. When field tested in Vietnam the drum magazine was found to be fragile and suffered a high attrition rate. Units from all three services tested the XM in Vietnam. In the photograph above we can see Major Joseph Flynn, 26th Marine Regiment, explaining the specific features of the XM to a group of generals in October While the XM suffered teething problems in the field including issues with the drum system, poor ergonomics and complaints about its effective range.

The Mk19 was quickly adopted for vehicle and tripod mounted use by the Marine Corps and Army and the Ordnance Corps abandoned the XM, some continued to be used in Vietnam into the early s. Troops at squad level continued to use the M79, XM and the M Images: 1 2 3.

XM, Springfield Armory Collection , source. Trevithick, source. If you enjoy the content please consider supporting Historical Firearms through Patreon!

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In the early s American advisers in Vietnam requested an automatic grenade launcher which could act as a force multiplier.

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