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Two for One. There are two TJ Maxx credit cards: The TJX Mastercard and the TJX Store Card. You don't really get to choose between them, though. The TJX Rewards® Credit Card is a decent option for scoring discounts at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and Sierra stores. See Rewards Program Terms for details. The TJX Rewards® Platinum Mastercard® is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. MSI CREATOR SOFTWARE BUNDLE PACK I5 Create Table Like local rating features chair sounds and will be discussed nothing is beyond. Have never had. Use Expire Password this is the to your host.

The issue was my phone number. She removed my phone number from old closed credit card account. She knew exactly was going on. Well, this app has done the opposite. This is before I gave her my rewards. Then it corrected by the time I got home. Today I called because I wanted to pay by bill using my app. Cool, right? No way. I felt like a ping pong ball with customer service. These employees need proper training and two I can tell was outsourced and let me tell you The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:.

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:. The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More. App Store Preview. Description Thanks for downloading the T.

Mar 31, Version 9. Bug fixes and enhancements. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Size Category Shopping. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Languages English. Price Free. The first TJ Maxx store opened in as an off-price clothing and home fashion chain. Today, its parent company operates more than 4, stores across North America, Europe and Australia. With a TJX Rewards credit card, you can receive discounts on purchases and earn points for each purchase you make. Synchrony Bank gives you three options for making a TJ Maxx credit card payment: online, by phone or by mail.

After you register and set up your online account, you can make a payment by following these steps:. If you want to make a payment without registering or logging in to an online account, you can still pay your bill online. Every day, get fresh ideas on how to save and make money and achieve your financial goals. Note that there is no charge to make a payment through the automated system, but you may be charged if a customer service representative processes the payment for you.

If you miss your payment due date, you can still pay your payment by one of the available methods. Your payment is due by 5 p. This content is not provided by Synchrony Bank. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Synchrony. Bank Information is accurate as of Apr.

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By Gabrielle Olya. There are three easy ways to pay your bill.

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Bikes for sale for cheap If you're a Crate and Barrel faithful, you can get rewarded for your loyalty with the Crate and Barrel credit card. User Generated Content Disclosure: These responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. If you typically shop at these stores on a regular basis, you can earn a significant amount of rewards that you can, in turn, use on your future purchases. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. There are three easy ways to pay your bill.
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Tj maxx cc Christina Majaski. With more than 13 years of experience, her work has appeared in Chron. Because store cards are often easier to qualify for than other credit cards, they also typically carry higher APRs. App Store Preview. Marshalls Official. For our full Privacy Policy, click here.
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It isn't just TJ Maxx that's had to change its name to avoid confusion. Primark, a European-headquartered, low-cost store, had a similar problem in the s. The store was originally called Penneys when it was founded in Dublin, Ireland, but was forced to change its name to Primark when it moved to the UK because JCPenney, the US department store, was already registered there.

Keep reading. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Mary Hanbury. TJ Maxx is one of America's most iconic retailers, with 1, stores across the country. TK Maxx, its sister store, has a similar reputation in the UK, though it has far fewer stores. Primark, a low-cost apparel store, also has a different name in the country where it originated.

Sign up for notifications from Insider! Stay up to date with what you want to know. No receipt, No tag but a very easy return for me. I think it totally depends on how you approach. I was returning a bag with the tag still on and let her know it was a present and she refused a refund and so arrogant. I will be lodging a complaint against TKmaxx with Consumer Affairs. My main beef is that the managers seem to know nothing about customer service. They are rude and short fused. Today I had my third bad interaction with first a coordinator or something like that, then a manager and it was so upsetting.

I asked for the manager because the first guy was so snobby and atroganr, not to mention illogical. Then the manager came and didntceven introduce herself. Just continued on the path the first guy started. Do they get any customer relation training at all? When a manager waves their arm at you without even looking in your face or answering with words,it's pretty bad.

I just want to be treated with a little respect. They wont do refunds on dog bones that my dog wont touch. Where on the policy does it say "food" can't be taken back? TJMaxx return policy is outrageous, the worst. No other retailers expect you to hold on the your receipt indefinitely except TJMaxx. And if the item is in anyway defective even if it's junk quality, they will refuse a refund. I have not shopped Tj Max in over two years due to poor customer service. Last year they opened one right by me I should of known better but went in anyway bought beauty items item.

Went to return it next day and was told they didn't return beauty items. This is not stated in return policy. They were very, very, very rude about it. Here are a few tips to help get you on the right track with returns. Lose your receipt and the item has been marked down, you need the original tag and they will look up current price and give you a gift card for future purchase.

Don't argue. Be happy because you're the one who lost the receipt and go. Keep all receipts and tags for ever, even past 30 days.. Do not try to return items on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening and expect fast service and treat the sales associates like it's their fault. Busiest shopping days of the week. Go Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Sales associates have hard jobs, when not ringing you up they are filling stock and doing floor inventory to bring out more stock.

So treat them nicely and they will do as much as they can for you. Returning an online purchase in-store is awful! As systems are not integrated, the sales rep have to manually re-tag the online purchase before making the return. A typical return, for one item, would normally take under 2 minutes, but at TJ Maxx, it takes at least 5 minutes if the the sales rep is fast.

It is so frustrating! I've bought all my luggage at TJ Maxx in the past. I recently bought a carry-on and threw out the receipt and tags because who needs to return a suitcase and the last one I bought lasted several years. As soon as I put stuff in this one, I discovered that it tips over unless propped against a wall or balanced extremely carefully, even if I leave the outside pockets totally empty. I tried everything. It is ridiculous. Appears to be a poor design with wheels too far back, even though it is from Nautica.

Tried to return in exchange for a different suitcase and was turned away. Just wanted the store credit to get a suitcase that actually functions properly. I returned an item today. I had the receipt and I asked to have the return deposited onto a gift card. I was denied this. I was told it had to be returned to my credit card. I find this baffling as I have always been able to have the returns deposited onto a gift card for future use. The person I dealt with called for assistance from an associate who was also under the impression that the return had to go back onto my credit card, It made no sense to me but I was outnumbered so I complied.

Your return policy online is vague and cryptic. Need to address all online purchases. Returns, partial returns, etc. No one charges for shipping anymore. Fo example, can you ship to store for free? Need answers. Twitter sent me to you which is not helpful on the weekend. How can your for customer service be closed on the weekends? Never heard of other retailers who use a policy like this. I bought the same thing for my Mom, Mother-in Law and me.

I was saving it for Christmas, but I decided to use mine sooner. I guess I should say wear, so no one thinks it is perishable or personal. It fell apart within 20 mins of use, and then I took it back. All of them. I was one day past 30 day refund, slip in hand, they would only give store credit.

At this point, why would I want store credit when it just falls apart? So, I took the store credit, bought equal value items, and then walked right over to the returns and got cash right there. Please be aware, they all saw this and are hip to my game! Hope this works for you if you have the same problem, but they may have corrected this loophole by now so good luck!

If I bought shoes yesterday and they broke 20 minutes after getting them can I bring them back and return them? Easy return and no hassle. I always keep my receipts so I match the receipt when I return an item. I was returning 2 items that I thought were on the same receipt. I was wrong. So I returned one and said I'd come back with the right receipt.

They said that if I showed my id, they would give me a gift card. Since I shop there so often I said "sure". No hassle at all. I shop at tj max all the time. I went there tonight to return a pair of pants that I bought a few weeks ago. I did not have the receipt so I had my license ready to give the girl. Apparently the price tag on the garment was a reprinted tag, they would not issue me a refund of store credit.

I was buying items that added up to more than the pants that I was returning. I spoke to the manager and she stated that it was a code 8 item and policy stated they cannot be returned without a receipt. I'm not sure what a code 8 item is, but I'm very upset. I bought an item in good faith not realizing that I should check the code and make sure that there is a original tag on any item I buy. I'm extremely disappointed. The manager made me feel like a criminal.

I am a person that takes my honesty and integrity very seriously. I am a registered nurse and treat patients everyday with respect and kindness. I will think long and hard before spending anymore of my money in your store. For returning the non-receipted items, reach the nearest store along with your valid photo ID and your return will be processed. If eligible for returns, you will get the refund in the form of a merchandise credit.

This merchandise credit can be used at any of the TJ Maxx stores in your country. She has her CDL and told them she just bought this 2 week ago, tag everything still, she like the shirt but to tight, and you will ask why she does not try on while shopping there, she doesn't have time. While she shops I seat there to wait for her, I have seen customer upset when she hears Miss McKinney, and Nancy told them you can't return without receipts.

This TJ Maxx, not a place for us to shop anymore, we love to shop here. I frequently shop in stores and online. With a receipt, in store, returns are straightforward. Purchasing online is hit or miss. The technology is lacking within TJM corporate to truly support quality customer service on a dotcom web store.

They have issues with inventory, the shipping warehouses and returns in store can be complex. Shipping is lackluster even when a customer has paid for shipping. It can take as long as free shipping. Buy 2 sizes of the same thing, for example. TJM does NOT put stickers or hang tags on warehouse items, so without the packaging, returns are very complex.

Keep all of it for a store return. Phone customer service is typically VERY helpful and accommodating. If you have an issue, call them and they will make it right. One time I called them and said a store manager would not accept my return since I was missing the plastic bag for a dress I purchased. When calling customer service, they credited my account since they could find the transaction, but let me keep the dress.

The corporation is in dire need of technology updates to better manage inventory and online shopping customer purchase data. Let's hope they are working on it. I do love TJM, but they do operate on low margins to give consumers a great deal.

Patience is required sometimes Unfortunately the "con Amore" turned into a "con Horror" taste sensation. What should have been a subtle mix of lemon, edible flowers and cheese cake tasted like rancid shortbread cookies and sour cheese. Anyway, what upset me the most is that the manager at TJ Maxx in Wilmington, NC refused to reimburse my Mother's Day yucky gift, stating that they don't accept food back like I quote "they would do in Walmart" I don't know about Walmart as I rarely shop there, but I never had issues returning damaged food in any other stores in all my life spent in the US.

As I was rather upset, I said I wouldn't go back to their store anymore, and the manager said "fine. So there you go I was offered a beautiful box of cookies for Mother's Day, but the cookies were rancid. I just spit the cookie into the sink.

The store said "no returns" to my husband. I understand the policy, but feel that some situations merit exception or reflection on responsibility for what they are selling in their stores; some accountability would be appreciated. The manager's respond was far from professionally considerate. Something about an affiliation that got in trouble for trying to resell used items when they're returned. First, there was no care taken in the plastic packaging no padding and the product box was crushed when I received it.

Second, the bottle top was loose, not sealed. For all I know, I was one of those people who got the used item. I will find another store who is more upright in their sales and service. Disappointed in their inflexibility with returning opened beauty items. The receipt does not specify that opened items will be declined. I feel this should be clearly printed on the receipt, or told to the customer at point of purchase, that the item will be ineligible for return once opened, as I would not have purchased the item in the first place if I knew that.

I figured TJ Maxx was on the same level of stores such as Target and Ulta, which accept returns for opened items. I won't be shopping with TJ Maxx for these types of items. Was recently at a Tj maxx in Boardman, Ohio with my 4 yo son. When I went into the fitting room to try some clothes on they gentleman working told me to take my son out of the stroller and leave it with them, now my son recently had foot surgery and is sick and had an oxygen tank attached to the stroller.

They would not allow me to go back to the fitting room unless I carried my son, his tank and my clothes into the changing area. Completely ridiculous! This was my very first time shopping there and I absolutely will never be back!

I tried the necklace on in the store it didn't come apart but when I took the price tag off the necklace had a broken link. Remind u I paid Took it there to exchange they didn't have the necklace in stock. Took it there today the manager takes it apart even after she told me she couldn't exchange it without the receipt.

However I see TJMaxx policy says they can exchange or give a store credit without receipt. I needed to return 1 item and was told to wait at the end of the line. That's crazy. A special counter needs to be used for returns. I won't be back to T J Max.

It's amazing with a store that is practically everywhere in the U. I bought a box of protein cookies and a multi packet of chocolate bars. Only once I got them home did I notice that there were only a few months date on each. When I went to return them I was told you do not except returns with food products, yet this is not stated in your policy. I have only had 3 credit cards stored in it.

I have one that I bought many months ago from Amazon. It's packed to the brim with cards and works perfectly. They look the same but the TJMaxx one is very cheaply made. I went this morning to return it. I'm very unhappy about the lack of customer service and will be destroying my credit card. I recently ordered 2 Rae Dunn treats canister online, which I was beyond excited to find these online as my niece and I had been searching every T. Marshall's, and Home goods stores for them.

Now that being said, I was extremely apprehensive about ordering through T. Maxx as I belong to many Rae Dunn groups and over and over and over, so many people stated that their items all came damaged, even after many people tried it a 2nd and 3rd time, something always was broken. But because of my excitement in actually getting these items for my niece and I took a chance. The two canisters only had a piece of cardboard between them and a piece of cardboard on the top of them!!

Seriously, would they not thing to add packing material around the items and in the box to ensure their safe delivery???? How would anyone ever expect these pottery items would ever survive shipping with only a piece of cardboard between them. I'm not sure if I am most ticked off that what I badly wanted and was so looking to having was broken or of the sheer laziness of T.

Maxx and basically not caring if the customers items arrive safely and in one piece??!!? Just throw it in a box and we take their money and we don't care is exactly how I feel they do business. I called customer service and they basically told me "ya we have been having some problems with that" really??!? Than you should fix the damn problem since you are clearly aware of it!! And then I was told that no they can not replace my item, "if it is not online for you it's not online for us"well that is awesome customer service, NOT.

I will never order another thing from T. Maxx, and I will be certain to spread the word on how bad their shipping is, along with horrible customer service. I certainly should have listened to all of the other horrible reviews that customers have written Maxx, but I never will again. To whom it may concern, After a long customer to retailer relationship it saddens me that due to my recent purchase experience my family and I will not being business no longer.

Recently I have lost some weight and clothes i purchased from your company no longer fit. I have misplaced the receipt but the clothes still have the original tags and unused. I even have the original Tj Maxx bag. When I went to the return counter; the one item I had the receipt for they refunded my money. The other items they said they couldn't give me credit for. They said the new store manager Randy has a strict policy for returns so he will not allow us to return it without a receipt'.

At this point I requested to speak to Randy and I also asked to see a written return policy. Randy was off and they couldn't produce the written return policy. I wasn't looking for a refund. I just wanted store credit since I'm a frequent customer of your store and would return for future purchase. The assistant store manager told me the same thing that the new manager Randy has a very strict return policy and doesn't want us taking items back without a receipt.

At this point I was beyond aggravated and took my items back. I went home and checked your return policy online and based on that; there was no reason for them not accepting the items back. Plus there were other people waiting in line behind me and the store clerk was talking to me like I had committed a crime. I never felt so belittled in my entire life. I don't blame the store clerk because he was doing as he was advised by Randy the store manager. I am in the customer service business myself and if I conducted my business in the matter which I was treated yesterday at your store; I would be out of business.

I would think a store of your magnitude would honor your posted return policy and not a made up policy of a single individual Randy. This took place at the Dover,NJ at pm on weds March Would really appreciate your feedback and hopefully we can rectify this issue and amend our relationship. I bought a jumpsuit online. I loved it but it was too tight around my bust.

I didn't have my receipt. There was no tag. I said to myself "let me go try if they will take it back". I only had the barcode on my confirmation email. I went to the location on Eldridge and Richmond in Houston. The floor associate was very, very pleasant and patient. She said she needed some more descriptions about the item. I didn't have any. She called who I believe must be a supervisor. I got a full refund to my credit card. We went on talk about my Michael Kors purse.

Thank you very much for your professionalism , understanding and pleasant disposition. I bought 2 cushions from your Newport store on the Isle of Wight last week, unfortunately they were the wrong colour. I tried to exchange them or get a store credit note today as I had mislaid the receipt only to be told by a very rude sales assistant that there was nothing he could do even though the tags were still on the items. Having just read your returns policy confirming that I was entitled to an exchange or credit note I am very disappointed, please educate your staff to avoid this happening in the future.

Your Newport Road Cardiff would not accept return with all tags. Would not give a gift card. So your statements about returnong goods withput receipt are not accurate are they.? Should you not put the correct information. Absolutely mortified and enraged when I tried to return my1 month old clothing Christmas gifts without receipt. The cashiers were extremely rude and did not give me a good reason whatsoever when they denied my returns.

I was so angry they simply said their machine won't accept the returns because I didn't have a receipt but I wasn't told why the "machine" said no? The clothes were unworn and clearly with tags. And I believed it to be policy that anything returned without receipts would be issued a store credit. I've never been so annoyed I had no idea the return policy's are different per store it seems.

I will never buy anything from tjmaxx or Marshall's again. Awful awful company and awful employees and awful inconsistent return policies. I am waiting for my return to be acknowledge and money returned. FYI Burlington takes your phone number for returns in case you don't have a receipt.. I had my receipt and was within 30 days and they said this was a new policy and would not return it.

I asked where this new policy was posted and they said at the door which it was not. I may try a different store but curious has anyone heard of this or seen anything in return policy about it? I bought a watch for my husband as a gift so of course the price tag was not on the watch I tried to get a refund and they told me I could not get a refund because the price tag was not on the watch, but I had my receipt, the bag and the original box the watch came in.

Today I tried to return an unworn, fully labelled pair of jogger bottoms - poor fit. I had not got the receipt and a refund was categorically refused as was my request for a store credit voucher. It states on line that under these circumstances a store credit note can be issued.

I ordered boots on line. At the store the cashier said they wouldn't process the return because there were two left boots. They told me that I had to call customer service and arrange to ship them back. I refused and after a lot of arguing they eventually did process the return.

I said the store kept it and threw it away, it was empty. They were starting to get a little nasty with me. Then since I didn't have my empty gift card I was told I had to get a store credit they do not ever give back cash. I said no I want my money back because you can't make me spend my money here.

Clerk left to verify and came back and said no we have to give you store credit. I said listen I've worked in retail 15 yrs and was Human Resources. Let me speak to your store mgr. I waited he never came and another girl came over and said will refund your money back to your credit card. I said fine, that way I can spend my money where I want to.

I absolutely hate dealing with this store on returns. I have returned one time in all the times I've shopped there. A few months before I had a to large blouse with tags and receipt and was told it was 5 weeks and they would not return it. I said listen I've had surgery this is my first time out, can you make an exception.

Reno store on Virginia street beware the mgmt. The customer is not their main priority I can tell you from working retail. Mgmt is not nice. They Were Not Worn! Will never shop at this store again. I had the receipt, and the tags for them!! The customer service at the tjmaxx store on 40th street in san bernardino,ca,sucks majorly bad. The lady told me she couldn't take it back because it was torn up and been used. I had no problem returning a pair of shoes without a receipt, I had the item ticket and I asked for a store credit Because I lost the receipt they gave me the store credit for the full amount.

Petaluma Ca always an efficient and friendly staff. I have been extremely happy with the way my returns have been processed at a variety of TJ Maxx stores. Their low prices has allowed me to try alot of beauty products I normally would not try. However not everything has proven great and when I have returned beauty items they said they are required to open the packages.

They do open it and have not caused any problems with my beauty returns. I only wish they would have testers to eliminate getting a wrong color. I have been very satisfied!! Yesterday I had the worst customer service experience ever. At The cashier I encountered yesterday thought it was okay to be extremely rude and not helpful. I initially informed her that I was doing two returns and purchasing more items so it could either be an exchange or a return.

I did let her know that I did not have my receipt. While I was waiting for her to start the order she decided to stare at me for 2 minutes after which she started yelling at me, asking where the receipt was. I responded by letting her know that I had already informed her that I did not have the receipt but to let me check in my wallet for it. When I did not find it I let the cashier know and I told her that I would like to do an exchange.

She then started berating me, saying that it can't be an even exchange because I'm not getting the same items, to which I replied to her that I was fully aware of that. She continued on and on, so I just kept waiting for her to finish. She then took my ID and walked away, all the way to the other side of the floor.

I looked at what she was doing since she took my ID with her. When she came back she told me I wasn't supposed to be looking at her at which point I reminded her that she took my ID so I wanted to see where she was taking it. By this time I was close to canceling the entire purchase. After she rung me out she insisted in keeping my Tjmaxx gift card. I asked her for it back to which she said that it didn't have any money left on it. I told her that I still wanted it since it is my gift card.

Her behavior was completely appaling. She then threw the card in front of me on the counter. The whole interaction with her was a very awful experience, when all I wanted to do was pay for my items and go home instead of being berated and treated very rudely by this horrible cashier. Before I left I asked her for a second large sized shopping bag for my purchase which was sticking out of the bag that she packed. Instead of giving me another bag she asked another cashier to get it for me.

The other cashier brought a small bag since she wasn't aware that I needed a big one. I asked her for a bigger one which she gave me without hesitation. It was the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I felt like I was being bullied by this cashier, from the yelling to the throwing of my gift card and trying to reprimand me when I was concerned that she walked away with my ID. I did not see her name but I'm including a copy of both my receipts.

I hope this cashier gets proper training because her behavior was appalling and lacked any kind of decent customer service. I have an ID, it's an international ID, though. Tjmaxx would not accept my return because of this. Is that right? Bought a swimsuit for a vacation in July and when I brought it home I didn't like how it fitted. Went on vacation and completely forgot about the swimsuit, doing a closet cleanout, found the swimsuit and decided to return it.

When I got to the checkout the associate told me they do not return swimwear, ever, I was not made aware of this at the time of purchase. I had my receipt and tags were still on. Associate said even if she could take it back she wouldn't. After this customer experience I will be bringing my business elsewhere, where customers are appreciated. I ordered online from tjmaxx, recieved sneakers and a shirt, shirt I returned the shoes, and checked on the refund amount, when it posted.

They only gave me After many tries to make it right, i just gave up, but will never order tjmaxx online again. Never had any problem from Sierra Trading post, same company, but no stupid issues. I returned 3 items which were mail return only. Two were from one order, and the other one from another order. The freight was the same. At this time I am waiting for a call back from a supervisor. And I will post on as many sites as I can find! I paid with a gift card. I came back the very next day with my receipt.

I found three other items I wanted to purchase in exchange. After waiting patiently on a very long line, the cashier returned the romper, fully aware that I wanted to purchase the other items. She ask for my Visa card, I said it's a gift card not a credit card. She said I can put it back on the gift card or issue a store credit.

I said, "whatever is easier for you". She told me swipe the gift card. After ringing up the three items I swiped the gift card to pay, it didn't not go through. She did not know why, consulted two other cashier before calling the manager. He told me in the rudest and most condescending manner, my money would be available until after three days. After a heated exchange with him I left that store feeling dejected and humiliated. I don't often return items and was unaware of the policy but that manager need to be retrained in handling customers.

Sorry the associates lied to you, with PayPal unfortunately you're not even supposed to get your money back at all you're supposed to get a service card, yes they take back underwear that has definitely been worn by someone else as long as the tag is on it, they take back clothing with stains in them, smoke infested clothing and all and please don't purchase anything for children, its just as unsanitary.

I always get scared my money won't refund back into my account so I always try to exchange it instead for something else in the store, it works out just as well because I'm always looking for something else. Didn't get a tj max merchandise card. The cashier said it would be refunded back to my acount. I thought since I returned 50 dollars and supposedly was spending in my refund. I made serveral on-line purchases on Dec 11, , gifts to friends and relatives.

I tracked the shipments. When one trackment said it was delivered to my sister and she did not call me to acknowledge she got it, I called her. She stated she did not recieve it. On Monday Dec. Michelle in customer service said to expect my refund back into my Paypal account in days. I waited two weeks and did not recieve a refund. I called again and again got Michelle in customer service who with all the holidays it was just 8 business days but would expedite the refund to my Paypal account.

Again I waited a week and "no refund". I called today Jan 8th and was told I would not be getting a refund because they sent a gift card to my sister, who the gift was for. This is insane, I ordered and paid for the gift that got lost and I will not be getting a refund?

They claim that is their policy. You get what you pay for. Often times irreversibly I'm discovering. At the Clairemont location in California, I was denied the ability to return two items, with a receipt. A button-up shirt and jacket are not required to have tags attached based on their return policy. I even had the tags still, they just weren't attached.

The manager was rude as hell. He said the shirt had been worn yes, I wore it for a half day, decided I hated it and wanted to bring it back, and that the jacket was dirty. I told him about the shirt and that the jacket being dirty was the reason for its return.

It picked up everything it brushed against- no matter how softly or briefly. Inside of 30 days, with a receipt, I was not only denied the return of items but also spoken to rudely at a volume audible to other customers by a tragic ice queen of a store manager excising his only shred of power after having but recently tasted it now in his final years.

The cashier told me I needed to go to a HomeGoods store that she would not take it back. I purchased a pair of new, unworn shoes from an estate sale. They have TJMaxx tags attached. Obviously I don't have the store receipt, and I have no idea how long ago they were purchased. It's fair to assume it was long past the 30 day return window.

Do you think I'll still be able to return them for store credit? Ok so my Grandfather paid cash, and has the amount wrote down. Is that all I need to get the store credit, its confusing to me because I do not have a receipt,. I just tried to return a pair of shoes that were worn once. The manager was firm in refusing to give me a refund or store credit because they were worn. But sometimes you have to use an item before you realize it is defective. I was an excellent TJ Maxx customer who rarely returned anything.

I won't ever shop there again. I'll go to Target or Amazon. But again, I'll never shop there again. We left for Bonita Springs Fl. On July 15th. I used the chair 1 time at the beach and the threads came in-stitched on one side. We came home Aug. I only sat in it 1 day. I'm not going to be quick shopping there again. Too many other store I can go to. Previously they just look up 's for items, so I'm very disappointed in their customer service and quality of merchandise.

I've been a customer for over 20 yrs. I bought bathroom rugs 4 Of them not 3 weeks ago and i washed one of them yesterday and the threads came apart on the rug. I gathered up all 4 rugs and went back to Marshalls Home Goods to get a refund or exchange them, they were charged on my Store credit card from there, but i did not have my receipt and they would not even take my store credit card and try to find the charge so i could either exchange or get a refund.

The same rugs were still on the shelves that they could have gotten the number off of. How can a store not be more considerate of their customers and at least pull up my card and see what they needed! I did not expect the rugs to come apart in that length of time and i could not find my receipt. A really bad way to treat customers who work hard for their money!!! From a perspective of a woman with many years of business marketing,, sales, customer relations and a heavy addiction to deal shopping I can understand the logic for enforcing such stringent policies.

Ok, stuck with me I promise my point will be eye opening. People return less valuable items not sold there, but because they switch tags, it used to be tough to say whether or not the item is the one on the recerpt until they started go get connected to inventory identification on all items with more specifications to decide on rejecting a return. I have read multiple articles about people buying their Own clothing tag gun and just swapping the tag to from a cheaper pair or a pair that cost nothing it was just a shirt for example thAt could pass the visual test in the past way of returning items.

Like I said, tags and stickers from expensive items will be reattached ro the cheap like new item and that's all. Those who probably switched tags barely profit, but it's free money and costly to the business.

I have Masters Degree in Business Administration MBA I had to chime in and just say I've had issues returning items to both stores for different reasons whether it be no receipt 30 days late gift receipt type of items. I have even had a manager insult me for wearing a NY Giants tee in Boston store! Then decided to go as far as saying that they didn't sell that item in their stores and to get lost basically..

I reached out to corporate and they were no help. I just called My local Marshalls in Evans Ga. They were very polite and explained that the systems from the two stores don't communicate and that any returns would have to go back to the store branc they were purchased from.

For example if an item was purchased at Marshalls it would need to be returned to a Marshalls. The same goes for items purchased from TJ Max - they would need to be returned there. I hope that helps someone. I only have a TJMaxx near me. Why is it so hard for people to save receipts? I save them for a whole year for my taxes.

Don't you understand this is theft prevention for the store. Be responsible for yourself and save your receipts. It's not that hard! I bought a Fossil watch less than 2 wks ago not an expensive one at that! I did not have the receipt as it was a split payment with someone else in a different state. I went into the store in my town and was advised they would not accept the return without a receipt.

The TJMaxx tag is on the watch along with the sticker with barcode on the box. The "person in charge" just flat out said no - no return without a receipt. I looked on the website under return policy but did not see anything stating they would not take watches back. Oh well, I think I will take my business elsewhere. Considering the size of HomeGoods and TJMaxx - you would think they could be up to date on their systems so all you had to do would be scan the credit card to show the purchase.

Hey to posted by thats the truth person. Get high your high horse you snob. I just recently bought two bath rugs from T. They used to be really good about exchanging items out but to pay that much money for something and then have it fall apart before it's even three or four months old is ridiculous and when I asked the girl in there what their refund policy was she said if you had it over 30 days they didn't refund the full amount and I would only get half even with the receipt which I have so it really scares me to think about keeping them even though I like them very much.

I got 4 items, all toys, inside the box never been open nor ripped. I told the cashier her name is Belinda, if I can return them. Her response in a rude way, "I have to call someone from the toys department so we can look and see if we have the same exact item on the floor if not we will not accept it. I was like what??? Is this the new store policies now here in California??? So this person from the toys department came back and said they dont have the same items and that they will not accept my returns.

So I repeated wht she said saying "so you're telling me you wont even try to scan it and see if Its in your system because you did not see the same exact item in this store? She said Yes. I asked again, is this your store policy? I never heard this before and she said "Yes, this is our store policy. This is ridiculous, I understand a lot of people are trying to get advantage of the system but this cashier was rude, did not show me the store policy on fine print or any sort.

I would rather make my feedback right there and then but when i asked if they have a store satisfaction or feedback box they said they dont have it. By the way all the toys Im trying to return was a present to my son last Christmas. Some of these posts sound like people trying to take advantage of the system. I have never tried to return something that broke or ripped after I used it.

Especially if it has signs of wear. If you use something and it doesn't work then too bad. You used it! Why should they lose money? And the person who tries to return items without receipt to the point of them banning you?!?! What you are doing is wrong.

Why is that so hard? And you return that many things? Try stuff on, check zippers make sure it fits before you buy it. That's why it's so cheap here. You are screwing the rest of us if they decide to increase prices because of loses they have to take because of people like you. It's shameful and wrong. So stop shopping there if most of the stuff you buy you return anyway. Go to a thrift shop since you are a cheapskate anyway. I don't think you all understand how the TJX companiy works.

Policy is policy. You don't fight it. When you want to return something, it either has to have the tags attached with a receipt or with just the tags attached. The company doesn't have the option to look up cards to find purchases. Just because all of you don't get your own way when you want to return something, you have to realize that that's just the way it is. Anything used, worn, or washed has to be marked out because it can't be put on the shelves again.

The company takes a direct hit when they have to mark those things out. And that's for something cheap. What about all you people who want to return luggage? It's expensive, I understand, but it's not the store's fault. Go to the manufacturer. I have been shopping at TJMaxx for several decades and have had no complaints about my in-store experience. Recently, I have placed a TJMaxx online order for the first time.

The items did not fit. I went to my local TJMaxx to return the items. I was shocked at what happened. The sales person and the manager told me that the items could not be returned at the store because I did not bring the plastic bags in which the items were wrapped. I did bring the receipt with me. All the tags were on the items intact. Apparently, they could not identify the items based on the tags and needed the plastic bags?!!! However ridiculous that is, I would gladly play by the rules if they were explained on the website.

On the contrary, no such information was provided either at the time of placing the order or when I was reading the return policy. When I mentioned this to the store manager, she snapped at me and said that this information was on the web site. I was not able to find this information online when I came home. I have sent the customer service an inquiry and a request to waiver the shipping costs. I have not received an answer yet.

I doubt I will ever shop there online. Absolute baloney not to accept Marshall's returns from the store 3 miles away. I would've spent some money after the return. I go into my local TJMAXX without a receipt to return it because I paid for it with card, thinking they could look up the purchase from that. I was told there was nothing they could do without a receipt.

I think that is very stupid, considering I work in a retail store myself where returns are made without receipt multiple times a day, just by having the purchase looked up. If you shop the Runway dept at TJMaxx, be sure that the Red tag is attached before you leave the store. The Cashier doesn't always notice. When I tried to return some pants with receipt a few days later, I was told that I couldn't because the Red sensor had been removed. Well it was never there Very lucky for me, I left the cashier and ran over to the Runway dept and found there were still more of the pants and they didn't have the Red tags either.

So now its my job to make sure they have attached it? I'm just saying The item was clean and neat and I had my receipt. You must know, that the store makes an occasional mistake! Are you reading these posts and making changes? I hope so. I want to add my displeasure with TJ Maxx unreasonable rerun policy. Why they can't get up with the times and look up your purchase, I ha e no idea. And, some items of defective or broken aren't discovered until they are used - I purchased a piece of crap luggage that broke on the way to the airport broken wheel.

Apparently because I took it on the plane that day it is considered used. What options do you have with luggage? I'll give pause before shopping their again. Just a heads-up for online buyers.

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