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If the attendees have two displays connected to their Brio, all the content is shared. Page Start Collaborating Connect to Brio The steps to connect a device to Brio depend on the type of device you are connecting. Once a device is connected, it is displayed in the source list. The splash page is displayed when Brio is powered on. Page Windows Os Sources Connect power to the source.

Page 23 Only users with administrative privileges can activate Network Projection. If a Network Projector dialog is open when security is activated on a Brio, close the dialog and restart Network Projector to connect to Brio. Page 24 Projector on the source you want to connect to Brio. Select Enter the projector network address. If your network supports multicasting, you can search for the Brio you want to connect to.

The Brio units are listed by name. Brio User Guide Rev. Select Connect. To activate AirPlay, select your Brio. Optionally, to turn on mirroring, toggle the Mirroring slider to ON. Mirroring is not available when your device is connected to a video adapter.

Page Android 2. Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi as Brio. Launch the app. Select the Brio from the list or enter the IP address of the Brio you want to connect to and then select Start. To disconnect, select Stop. Page Brio Whiteboarding Dialogs displayed on a touch display can be closed by tapping any area on the display outside the dialog. Brio Whiteboarding The Brio whiteboard requires a touch display connected to a Brio.

To start the Brio whiteboard: To begin a whiteboard session, from the web Meeting Manager, select Start. The whiteboard session is started on your touch display. Page Web Whiteboarding Web Whiteboarding You can collaborate with a current Brio whiteboard using a personal device connected to the same network as the Brio. The personal device must have a mouse or be a touch-enabled device. When you want to collaborate with a whiteboard session on your personal device, from the web Meeting Manager, select Join.

Page 30 If you have a flash drive connected to Brio, your sketch is saved on the flash drive. If you do not have a flash drive connected to Brio, the sketch is saved to local memory in the Brio unit. Page Security Securing Brio prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to it and it also limits access to the Meeting Manager. When Brio is secured, share this password with users who need to view the Meeting Manager or share sources in a meeting. When attempts are made to view the Meeting Manager or connect sources, users are prompted for the password.

Page Source List From the touch Meeting Manager, tap Source List From the source list, you can rearrange the sources and use the buttons and check boxes as follows: On touch displays, many of these buttons are available by double tapping. Disconnect Disconnect the source from Brio and remove the source from the list. DVI sources have to be physically disconnected. Select your Primary Output This feature is only available using the web Meeting Manager with a Brio with two output displays when not in a meeting.

Brio User Guide Page Meetings The whiteboard and the Touch Control are always displayed on the primary output. Meetings You can start a meeting with local attendees or a multisite meeting license required with other Brio locations. Whoever starts the meeting is the meeting host. In a multisite meeting, the host can add or remove meeting attendees and ask attendees to be meeting presenters.

To sort the list, click Name or Location. Type a name, location, and IP address for the Brio unit and click Save. Names are case sensitive. Delete an address from your address book This feature is only available using the web Meeting Manager. Page Share Presentation Area Share Presentation Area When hosting a meeting, you can invite another Brio to be a presenter and share its presentation area.

If attending a meeting, you can send a request to the host asking to be the presenter and share your presentation area. Page 40 Brio User Guide Rev. The attendee receives a request from the host. If the attendee accepts the request, their presentation area is shared with the other attendees including the host.

General Tab Use this tab to view or set general settings for Brio. Additionally, you can set the settings for the splash screen. Location User-defined location for the unit. Display language Sets the language displayed on the splash screen and the Brio whiteboard. The fields on this page differ for the option you select and for the different Brio models. The settings associated with the network 1 connector are set on the Network 1 tab.

The settings associated with the network 2 connector are set on the Network 2 tab. Page 46 2 connector. The settings associated with the wireless connection WAP are set on the Wireless tab. For units with a wireless access point, the default address is Default Gateway Used to set Brio on the network that the network software uses when an IP address does not match any other routes in the routing table. Subnet Mask Used to set the subnet mask for the network address.

Used to turn off wireless access to Brio. This creates an isolated network for Brio. Devices need to connect to this WAP to connect to Brio. Page Software Tab 2. From a browser, type Refer to Network Tab, page Activity includes source activity videos, looping PowerPoint presentations, and so on , no Network Projectors connected, no Brio Screen Projectors connected, and no meetings in progress. Page 53 Brio restart Reset session security when Overrides the session security when there is no activity on the Brio for a set amount inactive for n minutes of time.

If this option is selected, you must enter an inactivity time n. Regardless of the mounting method chosen, care should be taken to ensure that airflow is unobstructed at the front and back of the shelf. Air flows from the bottom front to the rear top. Page 56 2. Attach the bracket to the monitor using the appropriate hardware. Brio User Guide 25 Rev. Brio User Guide 26 Rev. From the main Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center.

Tap the AirPlay icon. In the AirPlay device list, ta Brio User Guide 27 Rev. To share your screen, select the AirPlay icon from the menu bar; or to share your iTunes media, select the AirPlay icon on iTunes.

Brio User Guide 28 Rev. The touch Meeting Manager is displayed on the primary output when you tap the Touch Control. Whiteboard tools are available for sketch Brio User Guide 29 Rev. Tap to toggle to whiteboard. Web Whiteboarding You can collaborate with a current Brio whiteboard using a personal device conne Brio User Guide 30 Rev. Brio User Guide 31 Rev. Brio User Guide 32 Rev. From the web Meeting Manager, type a password a minimum of four characters or select Generate password, enter the duration to secure the Meeting Manager, and then click Start.

The Mee Brio User Guide 33 Rev. Clear to disable automatic preview. Use numbers web Meeting Manager Brio User Guide 34 Rev. To preview sources before they are d Brio User Guide 35 Rev. The primary output displays the 1 source from the source list. The other disp Brio User Guide 36 Rev. Click Add. To sort the list, click Name or Location. Type a name, location, and IP address for the Brio unit and click Save.

Brio User Guide 37 Rev. Brio User Guide 38 Rev. Host of meeting Attendee accepted invite Attendee declined invite Attendee has not responded Attendee is c Brio User Guide 39 Rev. Tap the check box associated with the request and then tap. Share Presentation Area When hosting a meeting, you can invit Brio User Guide 41 Rev.

Respond to the confirmati Brio User Guide 42 Rev. Brio User Guide 43 Rev. Some changes require a system res Brio User Guide 44 Rev. General Settings Name User-defined name up to 20 characters for Brio. Model Displ Brio User Guide 45 Rev. The selected resolution is used for all connected outputs. This field is hid Brio User Guide 46 Rev. The settings associated with the wireless connection WAP are set on the Wireless tab. Brio User Guide 47 Rev.

Brio User Guide 48 Rev. Hostname Displays the hostname for Brio. Brio User Guide 49 Rev. Valid options are: , , , and Default value: Brio User Guide 50 Rev. Brio User Guide 51 Rev. To modify the settings for this default WAP: 1. Brio User Guide 52 Rev. Software version Displays the current software version. Firmware ver Brio User Guide 53 Rev. The default password is admin. This password should be changed when the administrator sets the system settings Brio User Guide 54 Rev.

Regardless of the mounting meth Brio User Guide 55 Rev. Attach the mounting brackets to the underside of the desk using the appropriate hardware. Mount Brio behind a Monitor Tools and equipment required: screws provided in optional bracket k Brio User Guide 56 Rev. Attach the bracket to the monitor using the appropriate hardware.

You can re-use the screws that secured the monitor stand. Attach the bracket t Brio User Guide 57 Rev. Monitor stand 2.

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