Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 lenovo utility

lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 lenovo utility

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Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 lenovo utility glf lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 lenovo utility

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Sometimes we triggered them unintentionally because their resistance was too low. The capacitive touchscreen supports ten touch-points simultaneously and functions accurately. The hinges provide the necessary resistance in "Laptop Mode", which prevent the screen from falling over when touched. The Full HD screen in the ThinkPad Yoga 14 provides a relatively high resolution , which is manifested in sharp images.

However, the PenTile matrix that the screen uses leads to visibly unfocused fonts time and again, which lessens the image impression. We have previously observed this effect in other Lenovo Yoga devices.

The screen is moderately bright with an average brightness of The naked eye will see virtually no color differences in large areas. The black level of 0. The contrast of is also good, and ensures a vivid color reproduction, for example in the Windows 8. A closer look with the photospectrometer and CalMAN software reveals that colors clearly shift into brown-yellow , which is particularly evident even to the naked eye in brown hues. On average, the colors also deviate too much from the sRGB color space reference, making the screen uninteresting for professional users.

Thanks to the IPS screen , the viewing angles are very good. Even outdoor use is possible because although Lenovo has opted for a glossy surface, it is coated with a lightly matte layer that reduces reflections. However, on very bright days outdoor use is difficult and strains the eyes.

Nevertheless, the slightly matte surface is a good method for lessening reflections in bright rooms. Our review sample represents the top-of-the-line configuration of Lenovo's ThinkPad An Intel Core iU with a clock rate of 2. The processor is a member of Intel's new Broadwell generation that is now built in the 14 nm process.

The The processor comes from Intel's new Broadwell generation that is now built in the 14 nm process. The Intel Core iU dual-core processor has a base speed of 2. Hyperthreading also makes it possible to process up to four tasks simultaneously. The TDP of 15 watts has not changed compared to the previous generation.

Although the processor is a low-voltage model, it should still be strong enough for demanding applications. Thanks to its fast SSD, the ThinkPad 14 clearly outperforms both its Haswell brother as well as the other comparison devices in the system benchmarks. The buyer gets a well-balanced configuration and fast system. Consequently, our review sample has a clear lead.

However, it would be possible to retrofit an SSD in most devices, making this an advantage that can be compensated. Intel's HD Graphics is integrated in the processor. Although it is even faster than the last generation, it is still not up-to-date enough for 3D games in a decent resolution. On the other hand, Nvidia's GeForce M , which is installed as a dedicated graphics card , should manage games in medium details.

Slight speed advantages over the Haswell review sample are probably due to the faster processor and possibly the SSD, which can make files available faster. We have previously ascertained that the GeForce M is more suitable for gaming in p than in the screen's native resolution when we reviewed the ThinkPad Yoga 14 with a Haswell processor.

Not much has changed with regard to this, since the Broadwell update uses the same dedicated graphics card. Users who only want to play games occasionally, and do not set the graphics to high, will at least have basic gaming capability in the ThinkPad Yoga Under load, the fan is enabled quite quickly, but it is relatively restrained with a maximum of We had to place our ear quite close to the device in a quiet room to make sure that the fan was spinning.

Compared to Lenovo's ThinkPad Yoga 14 , based on a considerably weaker Haswell processor, the temperatures of our present review sample are somewhat lower. On the upper side, the maximum is A temperature increase is barely noticed while idling.

We put both the processor and graphics card under full load for our stress test. Unfortunately, FurMark refused to use the dedicated graphics card. However, the processor could not maintain its clock even when the processor graphics card was loaded, and only achieved around 1.

Both speakers are on the laptop's underside, but their sound does not change as long as the small openings are not covered. The lack of low pitches is quite audible ; otherwise, the sound is relatively clear, balanced, and sufficiently loud. Overall, the speakers are acceptable for an occasional video or music piece. However, investing in an external solution is recommended if audio is to be used frequently.

Although the ThinkPad Yoga 14 is equipped with a relatively strong processor and a reasonably bright touchscreen, its consumption is actually quite moderate. The device has a maximum idle consumption of just 3. Its absolute maximum is However, it is not very pleasing that 0.

Unfortunately, we do not have any comparison rates from the ThinkPad Yoga 14 with a Haswell processor. However, we can provide rates from Acer's Aspire R14 based on the same processor, which consumes significantly more energy than our Broadwell review sample. The lithium-polymer battery can provide 56 Wh from four cells.

However, the idle runtime has improved by one hour thanks to the processor's higher energy efficiency. However, only marginal differences were ascertained in the real-life Wi-Fi test. In view of the more powerful Broadwell processor, this is not bad for the ThinkPad Yoga Then there is the very high price; Acer offers a similar device with its Aspire R14 , but at almost half the price.

On the other hand, the ThinkPad Yoga 14 does have quite a bit to offer, such as its plain yet elegant metal casing , the accurate input devices including a TrackPoint, the decent speakers, and the screen's lightly AR-coated surface. Furthermore, the processor is strong, and overall, the battery life is impressive.

The multiple modes of use should be of general importance ; otherwise, a conventional Ultrabook might be the better choice. Buyers, who want basic gaming suitability and have the necessary loose cash, will find a solid and flexible convertible in the ThinkPad Yoga. The label "ThinkPad" arouses high expectations. However, the device would have to be a bit lighter and the casing stabler to fulfill them.

Lenovo brings the flexible Yoga design to the desks of business people with its ThinkPad Yoga In this report, we will discover whether the Ultrabook, based on a Broadwell processor and dedicated graphics card, is well equipped for office use. Front: No interfaces. Rear: No interfaces.

Left: Power socket, docking port, USB 2. Input Devices. CalMAN Grayscale. Viewing angles. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Cinebench R10 Cinebench R15 Sunspider. This may sound crazy, but it's worked for some people! The screen is not always responsive to touch, and sometimes it registers touches on its own even when I didn't tap the screen!

Rechargeable batteries can only last so long before degrading. Try switching out the old battery for a new one by following this guide. Using your keyboard frequently allows dirt, crumbs, and other particle to build up underneath the keyboard. If cleaning your keyboard does not help or your buttons keep typing letters once you let go of the key, it might be an issue with the software.

The problem is the software for the touch pad. You will need to reset and uninstall the mouse driver. Here is a full guide on how to solve this issue. Touchpad malfunction is a common issue in this model. To fix this you can follow our guide on How to Replace a Trackpad. F1 error. Select F1 and get request to reset time and date. Click and select but nothing. Opened machine.

Disconnected small battery and same result. Everything else is connected OK. Seems hopeless. Tony DeSomma - Mar 23, Reply. Did as you said above and it worked! Thank you! Regina Sal - Feb 15, Reply. Aahit Chakraborty - Jun 17, Reply.

My lenovo laptop wont start and when I connect to a charger the power button blinks. Fix Your Stuff Community Store. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 Troubleshooting. Edit Options History. Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki. Device Won't Turn On.

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