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Jackson" is another incredible early s' hit by OutKast, we're going with their jam "Hey Ya! But we digress. With a great thumping beat, recognizable chorus, and hilarious music video greener than the Emerald City, "Hey Ya! We've deemed NSYNC one of the greatest boy bands of all time , and this track is undoubtedly their magnum opus. With a simple-yet-memorable hand waving dance move, a catchy chorus, and all the marionette puppet imagery in the music video, it's no wonder No Strings Attached was the 2nd best-selling album of all time between While "Oops!

I Did It Again" cemented Britney Spears' reign as the early s' pop princess, we think her song "Toxic" has truly withstood the test of time. The clash of techno, surf guitar, Bollywood strings, dramatic violin notes, and Britney's breathy vocals make this dance track super pleasing to the ear. And who can forget Britney as a super spy in the music video! Oh, and did you know "Toxic" was originally written for Kylie Minogue? Perhaps the greatest diss track of all time, Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" is a bass-heavy hit with a whole lotta attitude.

The song came after a comment Courtney Love made about Stefani in Seventeen magazine, which compared Stefani to a prissy high school cheerleader. Instead of clapping back, Stefani took the cheerleader comment to heart and made this pumped-up piece of artistry instead, which reached 1 on the Billboard Hot in She also taught a whole generation of kids how to spell the word "bananas.

Queen Bey is one of those incredible artists where there's no difference between her newer and older songs: all of it is straight fire. Ah, memories. Although Daft Punk is now a retired robot duo , their party track "One More Time" will forever remain a classic. Before Pharrell was singing with the aforementioned Daft Punk in "Get Lucky," he was featured in this early s' party staple. This song took the popular hip-hop phrase "drop it like it's hot" and gave it a whole new meaning.

It's chill yet bouncy, and perfect for a late-night cruise, celebrations, and even iconic Vines. Missy Elliott ruled the early s, and she has so many hits from the decade, it's hard to pick one favorite. Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand may have been something of a one-hit-wonder with this song, but we think it's still a bop.

An underrated party tune you can chill or rock to, "Take Me Out" gets really spicy when the beat drops after the first verse. Plus, the guitar solo in this song is just Can you believe this song is 21 years old already? Coldplay's "Yellow" is the band's longest-enduring hit and full of hope, warmth, and pure love. It's a very romantic, emotional ballad with tinges of rock riffs and a steady drum.

It's perfect for a stargazing session or a day on the beach. We also can't get enough of this song's music video with its gorgeous visuals. Like their standout "Say My Name," it's funky, sassy, and powerful. It also pays homage to Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen" through the guitar riff. Additionally, "Bootylicious" has a good message, as it celebrates voluptuous body types.

At first listen, you may think "Paper Planes" is just an airy gangster track about robbery and "funny business. A's magnum opus is all about the prejudice immigrants from war-torn countries face from U. Those notable gunshots have a double meaning: not only do they imply a robbery, but also critique the military-industrial complex that sells guns to developing countries and reaps profits. On a lighter note, this song rose to popularity when it was used in two iconic early s' flicks: Pineapple Express and Slumdog Millionaire.

You can't have early s' emo and scene culture without this beloved bop. Released in , "Mr. Brightside" tells a tale of infedility, paranoia, and jealousy. Written about Brandon Flowers' cheating ex, the single went 2x Platinum in the U. It's like you can hear the sound of Flowers' heart breaking within the instrumentals. Flowers' heart is broken no more with the success of this song though, as "Mr.

Brightside" remains a timeless song to sing along to, pretty much everywhere you go. While Rihanna had many early s' hits, "Umbrella" was the one that put her on the map. A drum-heavy song about support in a relationship, "Umbrella" stayed on top of the U. Singles Chart for 10 consecutive weeks, longer than any other single that decade.

Britney Spears has lived many lives. Buy Song. In her entirely-too-short career, Aaliyah gave us a lifetime of material. At some point in the early s, hip-hop beats embraced a homegrown, almost experimental aspect to them, as Timbaland and Pharrell incorporated beatboxing, hydraulics, and the sound of a baby wailing into their catalogue. By , Aguilera had rebranded herself as a fully liberated woman with Stripped, a record dedicated to the new Christina, a young woman who was bolder She was a fresh-faced, doe-eyed vocal assassin, gracing the hook of every rap song that was smart enough to have her and shocking the nation with a register that was so expansive it made almost no sense.

But by the s, Carey was a certified icon, a grown woman who knew her worth and asked for what was rightfully hers. Schoolyard love will forever hit different. With an almost comically straightforward hook and poetic, painfully relatable conversations among friends about butt size, Nelly offers a simple solution to the all-too-familiar, too-hot-in-the-club problem: Just take off all your clothes.

As their unofficial magnum opus, the album amplified their already-unhinged sound to unheard-of new levels, while simultaneously ushering in pop-adjacent, approachable melodies that were never on previous projects. Everything Timbaland touches is gold. BUy Song. Its endearingly stripped-back nature lent itself to new interpretations and samples from the likes of Kanye West, James Blake, and even Halsey.

Kylie Minogue picks the perfect moments to pull back vocally, opting for an occasional smooth and quiet vibrato, making the moments of intensity hit even harder. Just a teenager at the time, her emotional depth and soaring vocal range was well beyond her years, and captivated us all.

To say that Usher was guilty is an understatement. The man made an entire album dedicated to his infidelities, a searing tale of cheating incessantly and then sloppily fighting to get his partner back, and somehow … it worked. While the song was originally written to spark a Fugees revival , Wyclef had to flip it quickly, adding Shakira as a writer and a producer, making its backstory nearly as fascinating as the song itself.

The New York rapper puts on a relentlessly flirty show, only to call on a fleet of friends, including a baby Juelz Santana, to come along with and spit their best game right alongside him. In the early s, any beat that could be played out by banging on a lunch table had a shot at commercial success. Elsewhere was an unhinged record that tackled and celebrated moments of madness, its hooks interpolating between retro funk and pop-heavy disco-infused morsels.

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Savage Garden was one of those bands that seemed disproportionately popular in Southeast Asia see also: Westlife. Of course, the powerful singalong with a massive chorus — whether you knew what it was about or not — was also massive staple on rock radio, spending a staggering 12 weeks at No. The song was patently massive — it peaked at No. This femme-forward approach is highlighted by the finale of the music video — which, from the styling to the Y2K-futurist lighting and set design, could not be more British trio BBMak arrived at the height of the boy band bonanza as a slight bit of counter programming — sure, they were pretty and harmonized, but they played instruments, too!

Throughout her career, Madonna has often followed her flashy lead single from a new album with something more curious and subtle, yet no less rewarding as the follow-up. Before life was unkind to Aaron Carter, we had his party, and it was glorious. Get away! Ja Rule feat. SoulDecision feat. The sassy cut came with an equally self-assured video, complete with finger-wagging, matching pearly pink outfits and dune buggy rides in the desert.

The X Files! Between and , there was no bigger pop-rock act in the world than Third Eye Blind. Decades years later, that angst still resonates, and its legacy even prompted a recent cover from RAC and Hilary Duff. Happy quarantining everyone! A dizzying pastel universe, with nothing but new horizons. Meanwhile, the bobbing guitar line creates a sense of unsteadiness, creating a sense of frustration that explodes into one of the strongest choruses of the year.

In , Christina Aguilera dropped her self-titled debut album, and solidified her place in the teen-pop kingdom. The hit song was danceable and addictive, becoming her third straight Hot No. Its uplifting message accompanied by its pulsing, eventually erupting backing begs for a frolic outside — just remember to keep a safe social distance while doing so. By the release of their LP Crush, New Jersey stadium rock heartthrobs Bon Jovi had scored 15 years worth of hits, and had earned the right to be self-referential.

At the dawn of the 21st century, No Limit soldier Mystikal came armed to the teeth in order to secure his first crossover hit as a lead artist. Santana feat. But nothing could compare to those seductive notes first played by Car-los San-ta-na.

Remember when power pop songs used to go Top 10? Plus, its legacy stays alive through TikTok, and in our Y2K pop-rock-loving hearts. How do you top one of the greatest boy band songs of all time? It may not be the first song you think of off of Oops! Gladys Knight, who knows a powerhouse piece of material when she hears one, covered the song in , but the version that Womack recorded with Sons of the Desert remains definitive. Dre feat. Just in case you forgot about Dre during the seven years between his solo debut and his sophomore effort, the Aftermath founder and protege Eminem reminded critics of his impact with this Grammy-winning hit off A rapper admits before launching into his accomplishments.

Ludacris feat. Then, he repeats the same verse three times. The deck has always been stacked against women in pop the further they climb into adulthood, so if Madonna was gonna top the Hot for four consecutive weeks at age 41, she would need a surefire radio winner with cross-generational appeal. A Max Martin co-penned classic — though production was handled solo by his oft-overlooked collaborator Rami Yacoub — the track encourages realizing your worth and refusing to get pushed aside.

After the Dixie Chicks earned their fourth country No. Should we be worried that it holds up so well? In , Dr. There was once a time when Jay-Z was a brash Brooklyn playboy, who relished living life on the edge — a rap version of Jordan Belfort. Louis rapper. Built on a hypnotically effervescent beat from producer Jay E — a St. Lunatics affiliate credited with developing the St. Louis to Memphis, from Texas back up to Indiana and beyond.

A New Day Has Come. Eros Ramazzotti , Cher. Sk8er Boi. Avril Lavigne. It's My Life. Bon Jovi. Five , Queen. Take A Look Around. Limp Bizkit. Clint Eastwood. Pjanoo Radio Edit. Eric Prydz. Dragostea Din Tei. Stereo Love Radio Edit. Edward Maya , Vika Jigulina. Sexy Bitch. Akon , David Guetta. The Next Episode. Dre , Snoop Dogg. You're Beautiful. James Blunt. Enrique Iglesias. Baha Men. Sexbomb Peppermint Disco Radio Edit. Tom Jones , Mousse T. Take My Love.

Lady Hear Me Tonight. Goodnight Moon. Rock DJ. Robbie Williams. Be With You. Born to Make You Happy. It's Gonna Be Me. My Father's Son. Joe Cocker. I Turn To You. Melanie C. Eminem , Dido. Rollin' Air Raid Vehicle. In the End. Come Along. One In A Million. Safri Duo.

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Late 90s Early 2000s R\u0026B Mix 💫 Best R\u0026B Songs from the Late 90's Early 2000's

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Music 2000s Bon Jovi's Lost Highway Tour was the highest-grossing tour of U2 continued their popularity into the s, releasing three critically acclaimed albums, and were credited with influencing many prominent acts of the decade such as Coldplay and Muse. We also can't get enough of this song's music video with its gorgeous visuals. Both were universally acclaimed by critics. The following year, Blink released their fourth studio album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket in which went on to sell 14 million copies worldwide.
Olympus mju 2 115 While "Ms. Sword Belt. Me Deluxe Edition. Retrieved December 23, In addition, some of the most successful Electronica American artists and DJs in the s, such as Moby and The Crystal Methodalso continued their success during the s. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em.
Music 2000s The eponymous debut album of Gorillazcreated by Damon Albarn insold source seven million copies and earned them an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Successful Virtual Band. Party In the U. Some Hearts. This also paved the way for a second wave of pop punk bands such as Good CharlotteNew Found Gloryand Sum 41who made use of humor in their videos and had a radio-friendly tone to their music. Released in"Mr.
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34062 0028 molex Archived from the original on September 15, Archived from the original on May 7, InNew York-based group Aventura would reinvent bachata, thus making it a dominant Latin genre. Archived from the original on September 2, Nelly Furtado.
Church of the cosmic skull Of course, this lot soon paled into obscurity, but for a hot minute Arctic Monkeys really threatened to have something special. Hot Shot. Under Construction. Mary J. Piece Of Me.

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