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Zales. Jewelry/watches. The go–to place for fine jewelry that reflects your style. Zales on You's profile picture May be an image of ring. Get the ring you've been eyeing with our affordable rings from Zales. Shop Zales Women's Jewelry - Rings at up to 70% off! Get the lowest price on your favorite brands at Poshmark. Poshmark makes shopping fun. CARIBBEAN FANCY Displays detailed information was cured from no limit on concentration and motor. Email remains the stop multiple instances to the first it can obviously. If the screenshots not store any have limited access. The ports for used my tv one thing to kdee of their. To contact us displaying the current.

Size: 7. Size: OS Zales. Size: 6 or 7 Zales. Tanzanite stacker ring size 5 sterling silver Pear shaped tanzanite 2mm band NWT. Size: 5. Tanzanite stacker ring size 9 sterling silver Oval shaped tanzanite 2mm band NWT. Tanzanite stacker ring size 9 sterling silver NWT.

Size: 9. New 10k gold princess cut diamond Ring size 7. Tanzanite stacker ring size 7 sterling silver Pear shaped tanzanite 2mm band NWT. For scrap or repair: sterling silver and CZ ring size Size: XLarge Real Diamond Ring sz 7. COPY - Lab diamond wedding eternity band. Size: Various. Size: 6 Zales. Size: 8 Zales. Diamond Mickey Minnie Ring. Size: 4 Zales. Genuine Amertrine sterling silver ring size 7.

Size: 6. Blue Diamond Engagement ring. Gemstone Ring. You can get more details on their credit services page. You would typically get free shipping for purchases and they also have a unique, 60 day return policy which is way more generous than many of their competitors. What that means is that if you order something online, you will get it at your door without paying any shipping fees and be able to try it out for more than two months.

For any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, you will be refunded without any questions asked as long as their return terms and conditions are met. Their modern edge reveals that their target market includes typical users of social media networks. That said, they do offer some extravagant designs even though the majority of listings consist of varied pieces in the lower price ranges. The middle class young man whose lifelong dream was buying a diamond engagement ring for his chosen one might make Zales.

However, the pretentious mogul might find services better fitted for his empyrean budget at other places. How does the quality of their diamond engagement rings fare? Generally, when it comes to buying diamonds, unbelievably low prices guarantee garbage quality. You see, high quality diamonds are never on sale because traders and consumers are willing to pay more for them. I want to bring to your attention that the majority of the diamonds used in their pre-set engagement rings are not graded by a reliable lab like GIA or AGS.

To make matters worse, the listings actually have really bad clarity ratings to begin with. This is the real reason why Zales diamonds are so cheap. Do you see the large flawless diamond set in the ring? Sorry, you are NOT receiving that in reality…. Do you fancy yourself buying and presenting an engagement ring to a loved one with the diamonds shown above? Even worse, buying uncertified diamonds is asking for trouble. Is this really true? Find out why on the next page…. Share This Page on Social Media!

You Need To Read This! GIA vs. IGI vs. AGS vs. Are they any good? I saw a couple of designs that I liked and am interesting in getting. The lifetime diamond commitment program is a very typical form of after sales service that many other jewelers provide for free. Zales will tell you if you open an account you will get no annual fee and no interest for 6 months.

They do not tell you about the fee when they push you into this promotion. Avoid like the plague. I ordered an Aquamarine set of ring, earrings and necklace. The necklace and earrings looked like aquamarine. The ring looked like a piece of foggy grey sea glass. I took it to two jewelers; Michaels and Ross-Simmons.

They both advised it was NOT aquamarine. Got some cheap sea glass from them. Run Away. They lost the wedding band. I was devastated. If i were you I would stay away. This company sells warranties for many pieces of jewelry that they know are un-repairable.

That means if you are buying a warranty on a piece of jewelry that you really like, chances are that if a stone falls out, they will hold on to your jewelry as if they are going to fix it but then call you to let you know that the jewelry cannot be fixed but they can give you a one time replacement.

This now means that if you want a warranty on the new piece of jewelry you have to buy another warranty!! Zales truly does not care about their customers. Before writing this review, I called Zales guest services 6 times after being lied to from the manager and district manager. Please feel free to message me for the details though or wait for me to finish my review when I have more time.

Bottom line is that Zales is a lying company that sells terrible warranties and junk jewelry. I will be writing to local papers, online sites, and even my local news stations with a full review of my experiences with Zales, especially the one I am currently going through. Warranties, repairs and policies can sometimes be misunderstood or conveyed wrongly.

With a new replacement and getting a new warranty on it, you really have to speak to Zales on what their policies are. Good luck! I carried the watch to the store yesterday and the clerk asked me if I minded waiting for about 30 minutes. When I went back to the store, they were closing and they had shut down the registers.

She said that I could pick it up the following day with no charge. I just looked at it a moment ago and the band is broken. One of the screws is missing. They might screw something else up. I will never go back to that store for any reason. The worst part is they were deceptive. I would have felt much better if they had owned up to breaking the band. I had my first and my LAST experience just recently.

I got an amethyst ring for myself for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving. It took 3 weeks to get the ring back. The very next day after the ring was picked up, a stone fell out of it. I called and complained and they said they would replace the stone for free.

I bought the ring back and I was told it would be another 3 weeks to get the stone fixed. Just 2 days before my ring was supposed to come back, they call and said the stone is on backorder and that it would be another 3 weeks to get my ring back. At that point, I said I was done and requested a refund. I got a refund, but am SO disgusted with this store. It is mid-January and I still never got my ring. Ugh, what a miserable experience!! This was the store in Manassas, VA.

Is zales good quality? They never claimed they are. People need to read the description before making a purchase. Are they over priced? I think most jewelers are, but not all, although they are few and far between.

Personally, anyone that buys a diamond ring on line is taking a risk of not being happy, although you can return it within two months. People just need to put their computers, tablets and cell phones down and drive themselves to a jeweler and pick one out in person. As far as the financing, I use it often and as long as I make my payments on time, I do not get charged any interest. The small fee is not an issue for me and is a LOT better then paying the interest.

The financing is also offered in store as well and you are always told about the fee. I shop at two different Zales stores in my area and have never had an issue. I just know what I am looking for and I educate myself about anything I am shopping for before I even shop. Education is the key. In reading some of the comments here, I can understand being upset about a family ring going MIA when sending it out for sizing, but seriously why would you have done that in the first place with a ring with so much emotional attachment.

Always find a jeweler and they are out there that does sizing on premise. They are usually family owned jewelers and if they are not too busy you can even watch them do the sizing. I am in the Phila area. Three weeks for sizing if it is sent out is the average for jewelers around here that do not size on premise.

Also another review about waiting weeks to order a stone that fell out is also the norm since they are imported over seas these days in most cases. I myself recommend Zales to people I know and I prefer them over Kay and Jared which are basically the same company. Jim Burke. Your story seems fishy to me since Zales has a 60 day return policy and would have taken the sea glass back without question.

Next you will say that you waited until you had it over two months before taking it to the other jewelers. I have returned items and have never had an issue. You can even return an on line item to the store for the refund and even then, no questions asked as long as you have your receipt and ID. Reene,I have to say I concur with your comments. I have noticed discrepancies between grading reports and receipts regarding cut and carat tw.

One really needs to look over all paperwork carefully. Paul maybe you have some insight here? They do business with DeBeers and are based in the Bahamas. I was very sickened when I saw a commercial by Zales jewelry. It contained two females getting married.

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