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You won't find many selfies or behind-the-scenes shots on Patton Oswalt's feed. What you will find are life's little oddities viewed through the actor-comedian's wryly observant lens. Leave it to Oswalt to see X1 starfighters in the weave of his daughter's shirt or the Eye of Sauron in a wall decoration at a Cheesecake Factory.

He's also got an uncanny ability to spot bizarre signs and labels; your life will be a little bit richer for being made aware of businesses like "The Flip Flop Stop" "Because 'Crippling Depression Footwear' lacks the 'fun' touch," Oswalt writes. Cory Richards is a National Geographic photographer and extreme mountain climber, and he combines these two pursuits to capture jaw-dropping images.

Among the many endeavors chronicled in his Instagram feed: his team's attempt to traverse the unclimbed west ridge of Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, located on the border between Myanmar and Tibet. Richards' photos also take his followers to the furthest reaches of the Earth literally. His documentation of his time spent on Franz Josef Land, an uninhabited archipelago located roughly miles north of the Artic Circle, is particularly breathtaking.

A scan through Seattle artist Spencer Hibert's Instagram page is like an intense, sensory-overloaded flashback to your best acid trip. The self-described "interstellar psychedelic space dweller" showcases his work of rainbow-painted skulls, bright, psychedelic origami designs and innovative, Burning Man-appropriate clothing. There's a whimsical quality that runs through Hibert's art, which is as much a playful nod and play off of the Summer of Love as an homage to Peter Max.

The whole feed looks like a visual manifestation of Wayne Coyne's mind, so it's no surprise that the Flaming Lips' joyous head freak shows up in one photo. With awkwardly-posed selfies, screen grabs of Twitter status updates and shout-outs to her favorite designer shoe brands, Kerry Washington's Instagram doesn't seem all that different from your best friend Sally's.

Of course, Sally probably doesn't post pics of herself with the cast of her own smash TV show, hosting Saturday Night Live or resting her chin on Michelle Obama's shoulder on a magazine cover. It's that mix of the glamorous and mundane that, at least on Instagram, makes Washington seem oddly approachable, even as she puts her celebrity life on full blast. Who doesn't love a cute grandma. Meet Baddie Winkle, who has been "stealing your man," as her profile puts it, "since This year, a Brooklyn-based creative agency called Grit featured Baddie Winkle in their launch campaign, and L.

This baddie is badder than ever. Puff Daddy still lives life like he's inside a rap video. Gotta respect the hustle. The life of a self-described "photograffeur" and "urban activist" is an exciting one, judging from JR's Instagram feed. The TED Prize winner, whose identity is cloaked in mystery, hangs out of helicopters, dangles off cranes and brushes shoulders with Robert De Niro while transforming public locations into challenging pieces of art by flyposting massive black-and-white photographic images onto buildings and streets.

As serious as the work often is, the sense of fun behind the scenes is nearly as inspiring. But there are also some real pop-culture-nerd finds, including an Elvira-Coors promotional tee and several shirts featuring the California Raisins. This is all I did today. It's always disorienting to see Game of Thrones cast members in real life. Is it their modern-day ensembles? The natural hair color?

No, it's the fact that they don't look grim, disheveled, vindictive or otherwise miserable. Hey, there's Cersei Heady and Joffrey Jack Gleeson together, flashing some unimaginably wide grins, as if to say, "All weddings have some last-minute hiccups, right? Calm down, Internet. Nobody put it together until after the fact. Rolling Stone 's Wrestler of the Year also dabbles in stand-up comedy he even dated Amy Schumer.

Hence an IG account that finds the former Kent St. He's a bit like the Rock's self-deprecating younger cousin — a gifted go-getter devotedly in the cult of Rodney Dangerfield rather than rallying his flock. Joel Strong cuts out pictures of famous people's heads and photographs them, dangling from his fingers, atop a real, live person's body.

Sounds simple? The jean jacket looks right, the big hands do not: uncanny valley is achieved. Best of all are Strong's painstaking stop-motion videos, set to music, of his Franken-people dancing. The bodies strut, sway and drop it like it's hot; the heads hover in place and alternate expressions and hairdos, like digital marionettes for our celebrity-obsessed age. After four decades of constant fame, the Queen of Pop has been hesitant to foist her family into the spotlight, but Instagram is a great place to find her flossing about her four kids the feed hosts frequent posts of her athletic son Rocco tryadum doing daredevil-esque feats.

Always provocative, Madge has also used this forum to stir up controversy by praising Margaret Thatcher, dueling with Drake. But she also posts plenty of new and old pictures of herself looking drop-dead sexy and nostalgic pics from her formidable career that serve as a great reminder that before she hung with Diplo she used to chill with Basquiat. Day's Instagram is marked by her trademark humor and pop-culture savvy, with funny selfies galore and shots of hang time with celeb buddies from Brandon "Superman" Routh to Eliza "Faith Lehane" Dushku.

And then, of course, there are those days when she simply gets painted blue. Arthur Elgort has been shooting for Vogue since the early Seventies, so the Brooklyn-born fashion photog knows his way around a model or two, as his Instagram feed bountifully displays: There's Claudia Schiffer in a swimsuit in Petit St. James Franco is either completely lacking in self-awareness or suffering from too much of it.

Embedded within the always awkwardly angled photos is plenty of self-deprecation, brotherly love towards his friends and younger sibling Dave Franco and sneak peeks into his never-ending list of future projects. Yes, he's a divisive personality, but Franco sure knows how to engage an audience.

Fed up with the collagen, silicon and Photoshopping that dominates the modern glamor industry? The "70s Babes" account offers image after image of lovely, natural-looking women from the era of rampant bralessness and "the dry look.

Both halves of the Roots dummer's stage name are aptly captured by his robust Instagram feed. Jimmy Fallon's right-hand musical man is on a constant journey to snag and share experiences, goods and moments that feed his passions, like the half-devoured deep-dish pizza he savored and snapped while in Chicago.

Jessica Anteby is a stylist by day and the deadpan persona behind Beige Cardigan the name is based on slang for a blah, milk-toast wifey type by night. If you like your absurdist memes neat and readily shareable, beigecardigan is for you.

Most posts are captionless; others are limited to one word, like "Mood" alongside, say, an image of a mustachioed man contently eating pizza while soaking in the tub. Sometimes, though, images inspire more of an outpouring from Anteby, like: "Rihanna rolling a blunt on some guy's head. Good night. The most well known — and quite possibly greatest — skateboarder of the past quarter-century, Tony Hawk's Instagram is a fount of skating pics and clips, as well as images from his own past.

But it's not all fun and games — Hawk also has a series of posts documenting the slowly morphing ass welt that resulted from a gone wrong. He's hardly a household name, but thanks to his stints on Lost and The Vampire Diaries , Somerhalder has a strong following. The preternaturally photogenic actor nurtures his fan base through posting behind-the-scenes TVD pictures, scrawling little messages on his hands and rallying his troops to social causes — giving his public at least the impression of full access to his daily life and thoughts.

It helps that he's one handsome S. Yung Jake was a rapper, CalArts grad and Internet trickster when he found his truest form of expression: He would arrange and repeat tiny cartoons of faces, fruit, buildings and hamburgers until they came to resemble the likeness of a famous entertainer, like post-modern pointillism. This wasn't the beginning of emoji art, but it will long be remembered as the point when the medium reached full maturity.

Jake's catalog now includes Chief Keef , Young Thug , Ellen Degeneres and Larry David ; last month, he attempted his first action shot , depicting Madonna standing above and a gagging Drake the moment after their Coachella make-out. Sure, there are plenty of places on the Internet to look at photos of hot dudes and pics of dogs, but why not just multitask?

Hot Dudes With Dogs does just that, posting a delightful collection of shots of typically buff guys holding some cute pups. There's definitely no lack of adorableness available on this account, especially since it's hard to tell whose eyes are smoldering you the most: the man or the animal. No, Katy Perry isn't flanked by gyrating sharks on a daily basis, but the singer's real-life globe-trotting can get just as strange.

If her Instagram is any indication, Perry's tour itineraries have included time for doing splits on the Great Wall of China and flicking wrapped Kraft Singles as if they were dollar bills fluttering inside Atlanta's Magic City. Plus, the company she keeps is delightful, including fellow stars like Adele and Nicki Minaj, her "CoCo"-loving mother and tour mascot Butters, a cavalier King Charles spaniel-poodle mix who enjoys books with scratch-and-sniff pages.

The most dangerous thing the majority of us will do involving Instagram is maybe share a drunken selfie; teenage urban explorer Humza Deas regularly risks life and limb, as well as arrest for trespassing, to create his posts. A leading member of the "outlaw Instagrammer" movement, the New Yorker teeters on the edge of skyscrapers, crawls through subway tunnels and scales bridges before dawn to capture the cityscape from unusual and often daredevil perspectives.

The resulting images are sometimes gritty and noir-ish, sometimes epic and dystopian — like lost frames from Blade Runner — and always fearless. You'll come for the 2 Broke Girls star's nerdy selfies, behind-the-scenes sitcom shots and celebrity stream-of-conscious witticisms "Tonight on an all-new episode of Tool Bag Garbanzos, Max holds a lot of cats. Other stuff also happens but who cares: CATS. Lots of TV stars have Instagram accounts that make them seem too cool for school; Dennings is one of the few that actually looks like she's consistently having a blast.

Judging from Andrew Lamb's Instagram, the life of a puppet-maker is never boring. From bison taxidermy to mechanical arms to videos of Lamb doing a soft-shoe from inside a handmade suit of armor, dcmism brings you into the Toronto-based artist's bizarre world. His most oddball pursuit, heavily chronicled in his feed, is something he calls the Neighbourhood Watch Project, in which Lamb refaces "This Community Protected" municipal signs in downtown Toronto with images of the Fonz, Mr.

Rogers, the cast of Police Academy and He-Man, among others. Toronto seems safer already. The handle says it all: kanyedoingthings is basically, well, Kanye doing things. There's Kanye stretching. Kanye sleeping. Kanye yawning. Kanye winking. Want proof that Kanye is not only human, but also a fallible human? Check out the clip of Kanye and John Mayer fumbling through a high-five-into-bro-hug disaster. The whole feed is oddly mesmerizing, with the mundanity of just what it is Kanye is doing matched perfectly by the similarly dull descriptions.

So a photo of Kanye, um, licking a head, is following by the description "Kanye licking a head. Best Coast's singer-songwriter keeps it real and really hilarious with crushed-velvet turtlenecks, fishbowl-size margaritas, Seinfeld screen caps, new tattoos and TBTs that feature adorably questionable hairstyles. Her real friends get repeated love while her real love, Wavves' Nathan Williams, is kept pretty discreet. And there are plenty of posts of her beloved orange kitty, Snacks, too. If you're ever in Los Angeles, Cosentino will probably convince you to stay there, because she seems like a genuinely solid hang.

In many ways, LeBron is the perfect superstar for the social-media age: His Instagram account is a mishmash of the casually tossed off and the precisely manicured, at once compellingly human and perfectly calculated.

A photo of a half-full carafe of wine in front of a carefully placed? Picking apart the brand from the man is half the fun. Willow Smith is definitely the voice of the artistic future, but who's to say she isn't the voice of the present as well? Through her Instagram, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's teenage daughter expresses the world through her own Technicolor eyes, sharing the art and literature she loves. In between expressing her aesthetic and being a popular musician , Smith peppers her extraordinary feed with some ordinary reminders that she's still a year-old kid who loves to hang out with her friends and year-old brother Jaden when she's not taking over the world.

There's nothing the Internet loves more than a pet with an adorable physical abnormality — which is why Marnie the Shih Tzu is an Instagram canine superstar. The year-old rescue dog used to have something called vestibular syndrome, which left her with a permanently tilted head and lolling tongue.

Big, guileless eyes the size of small planets and a sweet adoption story complete the package — and it doesn't hurt that she's game for any and all outfits. The old gal has had her share of famous cuddle buddies, including Usher, Aaron Paul and.

Darth Vader? There's a singular kind of poignancy conjured by the sight of a man slumped on a chair in the middle of a store, waiting for his loved ones to finish shopping. Bald men asleep in furniture displays, pot-bellied men surrounded by racks of teenybopper clothes, flinty-eyed men sitting on pallets of bottled water, resigned men holding piles of brassieres.

And a surprising number of men fully reclining on mall benches, staring up at their smartphones — perhaps checking out their fellow miserable men on Instagram. Sedaris uses her multiple daily postings to draw our collective attention to freaky artwork and life's little oddities.

In fact, her feed looks like a mood board created by the subconscious mind: giant plastic fingernails, a floor plan with passageways for ghosts, a poodle with a bouffant. Portraits of Amy in strange makeup and arresting poses complete the package. And lest we forget, screengrabs of the numerous times that she added a dose of weird to Letterman.

Ono has wholeheartedly embraced social media. And her Instagram is like a lovely travelogue that follows the artist as she journeys to various destinations New York City , Tokyo , San Sebastian and checks out different art galleries around the world. The occasional tbt posts to her young artist days , or the day she married John Lennon , are a sweet bonus.

Award-winning comic-book artist Chris Samnee has drawn Daredevil, Captain America and Thor professionally, but on Instagram he explores his fun side with sketches of "Coffee Shop Hulk," characters from Indiana Jones and Game of Thrones and even a cute Valentine's Day self-portrait with his wife.

He also occasionally shows his process, such as a sketch of Nick Fury that he showed in its pencil , marker and brushed ink stages, as well as a glimpse at how he suffers for his art pen thumb! It all makes for an engaging portrait of an artist at work. But what makes bangbangnyc essential following is that McCurdy often asks his celebrity canvases to tattoo him and posts pics of that presumably painful process as well — check an August shot of Miley Cyrus gleefully inking a crescent moon into his hand.

Brooklyn dude starts posting funny Internet stuff on Instagram, one day wakes up with 4. That's what happened to Elliot Tebele, the man behind fuckjerry yes, the name is inspired by Seinfeld. He did it with posts that typically complain about parents, drunk friends and exams, or celebrate the simple pleasures, like sleeping in and being high at the zoo.

The most popular, however, effortlessly locate that ineffable sweet spot between silliness and profundity — a baby wrapped up like a burrito got , likes. Blogger and photographer Scott Schuman has been documenting fashion and design with striking photographs of sharp-dressed men and women both on the runway and on the sidewalk for a decade on his website TheSartorialist.

His Instagram offers the same unique perspectives that made him a go-to photographer for ad campaigns and fashion mags — just more frequently. Recently, it's featured men with a flair for both formal and casual dress , women who can layer and dress simply with verve, lushly composed street scenes in Milan , bright purple flowers bordering a door in Capri , scrumptious-looking fried spaghetti and a stark shot of a New York City building. No matter what he's shooting, Schuman has a knack for making it look beautiful.

Swift's massively popular Instagram feed But for every one of those shots, there's a video of her adorable cats , Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey; a shout-out to her fans and fan memes ; or a video of the world's biggest pop star dorkily battling her little brother for Easter eggs. The official feed for Conan O'Brien's late-night show is a boon to fans who can't stay up past 10 p. A mix of backstage snaps and monologue one-liners, the Team Coco pics are all about capturing the looseness of a show where celebrities like Sean Penn and Rosario Dawson are encouraged to be silly.

Ignore the comments on the political jokes or the comments on any of the posts, really , and scrolling through these pics can be a lot like watching Conan : a few gags, a little star-power and plenty of shots of the host looking hilariously pained. What's the next best thing to hitting the beach first thing in the morning? Clicking on an app and looking at action photos of one of the most accomplished pro surfers in history shooting the curl.

Slater's feed is peppered with pictures of healthy foods the dude loves his chia , personal announcements, good-natured celebrity trash-talking and images that support his environmental activism. But for the most part he posts bitchin' wave after bitchin' wave — each stunning to look at even without the crazy short-boarders trying to ride them. Schumer's star is decidedly on the rise lately, with a Comedy Central series that's been hilariously sticking it to the patriarchy for three seasons and counting; her Judd Apatow-directed screenwriting debut, Trainwreck, is due out in July.

The comedienne's account provides a glimpse into her day-to-day — which, if you're Schumer, means text-message convos with Colin Quinn, crawling alongside Kim and Kanye on the red carpet and pukey Scuba-diving excursions. You know, normal stuff. He made his name as a conflict photojournalist embedded in war zones and even battled PTSD following his work in Iraq, but Benjamin Lowy's Instagram account is generally dedicated to much lighter, though no less stunning, fare.

His black-and-white shots of the Super Bowl and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight are vivid distillations of athletic poetry. His Technicolor nature photos are breathes of crisp air. But it's his dizzying, surreal "Walkscapes" — which merge 30 to cell-phone pictures that Lowy snaps as he strolls down a city block — that truly amaze.

Little kids exist forever on the brink of total meltdown. A feed of photos of mid-distress wee ones is likely sporadically entertaining for the childless, but for parents who have had to craft armor against nonsensical crying fits out of good humor and little else, it's a goldmine. It could do with a little less of the "Why is this kid prettier than me? Cam'ron fills his wildly entertaining feed with memes , old high school basketball photos and shots of female fans posing with unusual merch — everything from medical masks to shower curtains.

Those are all fun, but nothing tops the adorable videos of the MC and his girlfriend Juju goofing around, riding tandem bikes and breaking it down at the local bodega. After purchasing a Dipset bedspread, serious fans can dig deeper by checking out Killa Cam's equally entertaining expanded universe: Juju's own Instagram is filled with work-out selfies and more couple adventures, and his mother offers both deeper throwbacks and occasional disses.

Only a supermodel-turned-actress would be so comfortably gorgeous to make herself grotesque for candid photos by crossing her eyes, flaring her nostrils, making rubbery faces or sticking out her tongue. It's either goofily modest or supremely arrogant — you decide. Her feed is as hyperactive as she is, a pastiche of classy magazine covers, daffy sayings that celebrate risk and rebellion and homages to bacon.

The account for the Parks and Recreation star's online community dedicated to empowering young girls and women is as awesomely motivational as you'd expect from the erstwhile Leslie Knope. Quotes from feminists like Maya Angelou and Gloria Steinem are interspersed with fan art , puppy photos and even the occasional dispatch from Poehler herself.

It's like following your super-cool BFF who gives you the occasional much-needed pep talk. Am I hungry? Amid the jokes about Wawa and Kiss are more sincere shout-outs to his bandmates and Scharpling, as well as some truly awesome tbts to early Superchunk gigs. What's that you say? Unsurprisingly this list has a lot of musicians, and Nicki Minaj is the next one on the list — neck and neck with cricketer Kohli.

A post shared by Barbie nickiminaj. A post shared by Virat Kohli virat. Unsurprisingly for a sports star his account is full of pictures of him playing football, hanging out with other celebrities, and generally living the high life. Our first brand on the list, Nike, has obviously realized how valuable a big social media presence is.

A post shared by Nike nike. Next up is Jennifer Lopez. Another actor and musician on the list, Jenni from the block also puts a fair bit of effort into her Instagram account. A post shared by Jennifer Lopez jlo. Next we have Taylor Swift, who is coincidentally the most influential person on Twitter. That said, Swift is a far more prolific poster on Instagram than Twitter, with Story Highlights, shots from performances, and promotions of her latest work and activities along with the usual selfies and personal life posts.

A post shared by Taylor Swift taylorswift. Instagram is, of course, a visual platform, so National Geographic have taken full advantage by posting up photos from their slew of photographers. A post shared by National Geographic natgeo. We have our first of the many Kardashians and Jenners in this list not that that will be a surprise to anyone. She and her family have found great success on the platform, using it to post about their lives, businesses, and activities.

Her account is pretty straightforward, containing promotion of her photoshoots and fashion work, selfies, and pictures of her not very private life. A post shared by Kendall kendalljenner. His account is a bit goofier than those of your average pop stars, including photos of him hanging out with celebrity mates, cartoon versions of himself, and, of course, his April Fools pregnancy prank. A post shared by Justin Bieber justinbieber. Along with ranking high on the list, her pregnancy announcement was once the most liked post on Instagram.

Her account itself is pretty straightforward, mostly including shots from her performances and professional work, with a few more personal posts among them. Her account is, arguably, pretty similar to those of her family members. Lots of pictures from her modelling and the events she attends, along with insights into her personal life, including old family photos. A post shared by Kim Kardashian West kimkardashian. A past regular fixture in the most liked Instagram posts list , is musician and actor Selena Gomez.

A post shared by Selena Gomez selenagomez. Her feed is is full of pictures of her performing, meeting other celebrities, and your general depictions of living the pop high life. A post shared by Ariana Grande arianagrande.

Not many surprises on his account — there are lots of shots from filming, pictures of him in the gym, and posts about his family. A post shared by therock therock. Next up we have soccer player Lionel Messi, forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Argentinian national football team. A post shared by Leo Messi leomessi.

Neck and neck with Messi, Kylie Kenner is arguably the biggest star on Instagram. She once held the top spot for most liked Instagram post , while she has numerous entries in the top 20 as we speak. Her account itself focuses on her work and personal life, with lots of baby pics and photos with her partner. We now reach our most followed human on Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo. When it comes to his feed, there are few surprises. There are lots of family pictures, shots of him playing football, and plenty of images of him generally experiencing the good things in life.

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo cristiano. The feed has a clear purpose — to show off the best and the most interesting people and trends on Instagram. Along with that, they also promote their own IGTV content that they go out and create themselves. Well, if an egg can beat Kylie Jenner , anything is possible. A post shared by Instagram instagram.

Offering up analysis and data on everything from the events of the day to the latest consumer trends. We looked at over 20bn data points to understand how we use emojis and emotional language to express ourselves online.. By Emily Smith Apr 4. By Emily Smith Mar By Kellan Terry Feb By Kellan Terry Feb 3.

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Promote the content on other social media networks, announce it to your email list, and ask users to engage. This tactic has been on your radar. Anyone who has run a successful contest or challenge will tell you that this is not the case. In fact, it requires a fair amount of preparation and strategy. When done right, it can be an extremely effective way of getting traffic and new followers to your Instagram account. So… what type of contest will you run?

The type of contest will determine how people can take part in your giveaway. Each of these methods of entry has their benefits and downsides. Be prepared for a percentage of people to unfollow you after the contest is over. If your goal is to get more followers, you may want to skip this method or combine it with another method that gives you that outcome. You can also set your challenge across several days, asking participants to do something different on each day and posting their results.

This is the most participative type of contest, and it has the highest level of engagement. Any of the methods above can work together. How will the winner s be chosen and what is the prize? The way to deal with that is to offer a prize that is closely aligned with your brand and business goals. If you have a self-improvement blog, your prize can be some inspirational and self-improvement books.

Participants will be less inclined to unfollow you after the contest is over. How will you promote the contest? Simply setting a contest in motion is not enough. This is significant because running ads on Instagram is the same as running Facebook ads. If you have more than one ad account set up, select the appropriate one. You can only have one campaign objective.

Your audience can be defined by location, age, gender, language, and other detailed demographics. Finally, select your images and write your caption. You can preview the ad to make sure that everything looks good. Retargeting ads are set up using more or less the same process as normal ads. Maybe they visited your site, your opt-in page, or abandoned their cart before making the final purchase. The Facebook pixel. This is a tool which allows you to track the actions that people take on your website as well as measure the effectiveness of your ads.

Ideally, you should install the pixel on your site even if you have no immediate intention of running an ad. This way, it can track as much data as possible, so your campaign will be more effective. All you have to do after that is enter your Pixel ID in the settings of the plugin.

Your ID can be found on the top right-hand corner of your Ads Manager dashboard. Once your pixel has been installed, it will begin collecting data immediately. Running a retargeting campaign is simply a matter of creating a custom audience to include anyone who has visited your domain or specific pages. The remaining steps are the same as what we walked through earlier for setting normal Instagram Ads.

Have you ever thought about how you can leverage offline interactions to grow your online presence? The thing is, social media platforms and websites are not the only places that people come into contact with your business. Particularly if you run an e-commerce site, you have plenty of opportunities to connect with users offline. During the Olympics, Adidas and Nike featured their own campaign hashtags on their footwear. Run a monthly contest asking customers to take a selfie with your product and post it on Instagram.

Make sure they tag your Instagram page and add your specific hashtag. Every month, you can announce a different winner. Their followers will be inclined to check out your page and follow you. As soon as you make a sale, ask customers to post a video talking about why they decided to invest in your product.

Again, ensure that they tag you and use your product-specific hashtag. You can give them cash back or a coupon for a subsequent purchase. This can both increase sales and improve your following. The platform is continuously evolving. New features are always being introduced. Old tactics become obsolete. It is up to you to track which methods are working for you. Keep monitoring the results that you get after implementing each step so you can keep optimizing them.

You try to create content that will grab attention, move masses of people to action, and get them hooked on you for good. I really do believe that there has never been anything as prolific as Instagram. It is a remarkable place for personal branding and sales.

Any ordinary person who puts in the right combination of strategy and effort can win big on this platform. I have used these exact steps for myself and my clients to attract more than followers every single day. One of the best parts about it is that these followers are loyal. Instead, people will start flocking to you. Are you using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy? What are some of the tactics that are working for you? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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