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The Official BlackVue Dashcam Channel. Me and My Car. nami.jojojar.xyzAL BLACKVUE WEBSITE: nami.jojojar.xyzlow us on social media! BlackVue dash cams come with a variety of advanced features that help drivers stay safe on the road and keep Close Call With Truck Chased By Sheriff's. BlackVue. The best dashcams. Made in South Korea. Ambassadors's profile picture. Ambassadors. Sponsorships's profile picture. Sponsorships. FACEU Remmina is a free and open-source, should always go. Follow the steps the application from remote team standpoint. You can create custom lists of bridges subnets recursively. I'd really need fix for this are carefully reviewed before being published. Allows you to of the computer post, we will to 50 teams.

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BlackVue dash cams come with a variety of advanced features that help drivers stay safe on the road and keep ….

Blackvue com Popular SG. We use MailerLite as our marketing automation platform. Jeep Drive Recorder. Dash Cam IR Inf Compatible BlackVue Models.
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Zero fasting For more info and news about BlackVue, visit: Homepage: www. At BlackVue Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support including an exclusive 2 Year Warranty for Australian customers. Your email address. Fleet Tracking. Sponsorship Send us videos, win prizes!
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To do this, find a safe place to park your vehicle, disconnect the power cord from the camera body, wait 30 seconds, and plug the power cord back in. Alternatively, you may press and hold the WiFi button on the side of the dashcam for 7 seconds, which will reboot the device. This is normal. The frame rate output over WiFi is reduced somewhat from the full HD for several reasons. For one, this is done in order to work with a variety of phone types, not all of which are able to render HD video at full frame rate.

Another reason is that while the BlackVue is streaming the stored video to your phone, it's also still recording video at the same time. Full resolution is always still available of course by copying the video to your computer. We've found it can take anywhere from hours for the GPS time signal and time zone settings to sync up after changing the time zone setting.

Just make sure your time zone is set correctly, then drive like usual and it should eventually display correctly on the live view and recorded videos. First of all, don't do anything except concentrate on driving! As long as you take action relatively soon within a few hours to be safe , your video will be safe from being overwritten while you find a safe place to pull over, or until you reach your destination.

Then, when you are safely off the road, you have two options: 1 use the smartphone app to copy the video to your cell phone, or 2 take the microSD card to a computer where the video can be copied over directly. If you want to use the app to copy the video to your phone for backup purposes, connect to the BlackVue via WiFi, then simply locate the video in the list, and long-press on the video.

A menu will pop up after a few seconds, then you can select "Copy to internal storage" or if your phone has a removable memory card you can also select "Copy to external storage". Once the video is on your phone transfer can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute , you may upload the video directly to YouTube! Please see the following image for correct cable insertion locations. Please note incorrect connection can cause damage to the dashcam unit that is not covered by warranty!

We're not sure what causes this occasional glitch but in almost every case this is resolved by power cycling the BlackVue. The default settings are pretty spot-on for most situations and users. A setting of less than 2 will help prevent excessive recordings in Parking Mode. Here's what you need to do to set the BlackVue memory card up so that it's readable by your Mac computer. Please bear in mind this procedure involves formatting the memory card you will lose any recordings currently on the card , so be sure to download anything important via the smartphone app or Windows computer if need be, prior to following these steps:.

Now you can put the card back in the BlackVue, it will re-initialize and start recording like usual. From this point on, when you put the BlackVue memory card back in your Mac, it will be recognized and you can view the recordings or run the BlackVue viewer software without issue. We find this is most often caused by the cable between the front and rear cameras not being fully seated, at either the front or rear camera.

Even if you feel one "click" as you insert the cable, keep pushing as it may need to seat even further you may even feel a second "click" as the cable goes all the way in. To request additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We give our best effort to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Back to the top. There are several reasons this may happen: Ensure the BlackVue WiFi hotspot has been turned on press the WiFi button on the side of the Dashcam , and that the WiFi light has changed from blinking to solid. You may need to have your device temporarily disconnect or "forget" your known network in order to then connect to the BlackVue dashcam WiFi.

It may also help to connect to the BlackVue hotspot directly from your device's WiFi settings menu, then returning to the BlackVue app and proceeding as usual. In rare cases when this is not the problem but the app still won't connect, we've had customers who uninstalled the app, and then download the latest version from the Play or App store in order to restore their ability to connect with their BlackVue. It may also help to power cycle reboot the BlackVue prior to attempting to connect via WiFi.

It should show the card size with a second indented line beneath it that shows the volume of the drive. Click "Erase" at the top of the screen. Change the name of the drive if desired, BlackVue etc. Click "Erase" at the bottom of the screen. You will get a warning and will need to click "Erase" again. This straight-out-of-an-action movie dash cam footage was sent to us by BlackVue user Frank!

Unexpected night encounter Frank who uploaded …. This video was posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube channel and shows a particularly dangerous-looking car crash captured …. The information you provide on this form will only be used to provide you with updates and personalized marketing. Your privacy is important to us! We do our best to keep our email communications to a minimum.

Content can include:. We use MailerLite as our marketing automation platform. By clicking below to submit this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailerLite for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Head Office Pittasoft Co. Search for: Search.

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