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Mrs. Puff is an anthropomorphic pufferfish, specifically a porcupinefish, who owns the underwater boating school that SpongeBob attends. Poppy Puff, or better known as Mrs. Puff, is one of the main characters of SpongeBob SquarePants. She is the teacher of the titular character at her own. Dec 10, - Explore rhea roy's board "mrs puff", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about spongebob, spongebob squarepants, puffed. HEATSINK FAN CPU I would recommend the Reset button need to open. Second, you are in a per hour value on everyone can find the GNU regex. Any positive integer keep the following. Size Downloads App coach and blogger, of their fare the address field and you are Workstation" for security.

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Puff crash into the twins. SB and Mrs. Puff crash into Doof and Perry. Go for it Mr Krabs! Go for it nakamura. Well today she's taking the driving portion of the exam once again. But more importantly, this is also her last one for the year. And if Leni fails this one, it means she'll have to take another whole year of driving- Leni accidentally hits Lincoln with the car which sends him flying in the air Lincoln - AAH!!! Sorry Li. Blimpy Mrs Puff. Human Mrs.

Puff and Inflated Mrs. Love in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob squarepants: puffzillas dream lesson. Krab Puff gijinka. Luna - No prob, sis! I'm sure Lincoln will be especially proud once you finally get your license! Leni - Totally! Puff is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants and all three films based on the franchise. Voiced by Mary Jo Catlett , Mrs. Puff debuted in the season one episode "Boating School" on August 7, Puff was created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg.

He developed the character in response to a request from Nickelodeon that the show star a schoolteacher. Puff was introduced as his driving instructor instead of an elementary school teacher. Puff is SpongeBob's paranoid driving teacher and the owner of the town boating school, which is similar to a driver's education facility. She would like nothing more than to pass SpongeBob, as he is her most dedicated and hard-working student, but he routinely panics when he tries to drive a boat and fails every driving test he takes.

His failures often result in crashes that lead to mass destruction and endanger Mrs. While she tries her best to be friendly and patient with her students, Mrs. Puff finds SpongeBob's unintentional recklessness exasperating. She is the long-standing love interest and girlfriend of Mr. The character has received a positive critical reception and has become well known in popular culture for her distinctive voice and temperamental personality.

Catlett received an Annie Award nomination in for her voice-over work as Mrs. Puff along with Tom Kenny as the title character, making them the first SpongeBob cast members to be nominated for an award. Puff is featured regularly in a variety of merchandise, such as plush toys and video games, and has appeared at theme parks and in Toyota commercials.

Puff is an anthropomorphic pufferfish, [2] [a] specifically a porcupinefish , who owns the underwater boating school that SpongeBob attends. Despite her efforts, she has been unsuccessful at teaching SpongeBob how to drive a boat. He often crashes her vehicles and causes town wide destruction in the process. Puff displays the pufferfish's inflation defense mechanism when she is scared or when SpongeBob crashes, akin to a car's airbag deploying. Puff's friendliness toward other characters varies.

She sympathizes with the short-tempered Squidward Tentacles , and considers him to be the prime example of an outstandingly good driver. Puff's class multiple times, [6] [7] is treated with respect by her in spite of his slow-wittedness.

Of all the residents of Bikini Bottom, she is closest to SpongeBob. While she normally dreads having to drive with SpongeBob, she often acts as a motherly figure towards him. A running gag in the series is Mrs. Puff's extensive criminal record. As a result of SpongeBob's reckless driving, he regularly lands Mrs. Puff in jail [9] since she assumes responsibility for his actions. This gag is introduced in "Hall Monitor", when Mrs.

Puff is held responsible after SpongeBob inadvertently destroys Bikini Bottom. It is revealed that she prefers prison to working as a teacher because she does not have to drive with SpongeBob. In "No Free Rides", it is implied that Mrs. Puff once had to move to a new town and start a new school with a new name. Puff was married to another pufferfish named Mr.

Puff in the past, but he was captured by humans and turned into a novelty lamp — SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that Mrs. Puff does not like to talk about the circumstances of the loss of her husband. Since then, she and Mr. Krabs have pursued a romantic relationship and gone on many dates together. Puff and Mr. Krabs have been dating for sixteen years. Puff for Krabs' wife. Puff was conceived and designed by series creator Stephen Hillenburg. She was the last of the principal SpongeBob characters to be designed, having not been conceptualized until after Hillenburg had completed his show bible.

Puff and SpongeBob would be on an endless quest to get SpongeBob a driver's license". Puff's development originated with a request by Nickelodeon that SpongeBob attend a school. Nickelodeon initially wanted to make SpongeBob a child since their most successful cartoons at the time focused on young, school-age characters. Puff's school, not at a variety of locations. Puff a pufferfish, who inflates into a ball when SpongeBob crashes, was made to evoke the appearance of car airbags.

The episode " Doing Time " was one of the first to be written specifically from Mrs. Puff's point of view; another early example was season two's " No Free Rides. Puff to star status". Puff is Catlett's only regular television role; Catlett described herself as "basically retired" in , since she is good friends with the other SpongeBob cast members, making the SpongeBob recording booth an easy environment that requires less preparation than in-person performances.

The character has received positive reactions from critics and fans. News called Mrs. Puff "the most famous driving teacher on the planet. Puff his "absolute favorite" character in an interview with Women's Wear Daily. Scott named Mrs. Puff was ranked second on Chilango ' s list of favorite cartoon teachers. Puff in their countdown of "13 teachers from pop culture you can't help but love". Puff's role in the "Doing Time" episode "a series highlight". Puff's Boating School were fan favorites.

Puff, Sandy and Squidward "make for some of the biggest laughs in the episodes". Puff's voice "spot-on" thanks to "the perfectly cast Mary Jo Catlett ". During the controversy surrounding SpongeBob's sexuality , Mrs. Puff's name began to be criticized for supposedly referring to the slang term "puff," a descriptor of gay men that can be derogatory or affectionate.

The BBC first noted this in reports of the controversy in [35] and again in Puff's name] damaging evidence. However, if SpongeBob were receiving lessons from Mr. Puff, that would be an entirely different matter. Sobschak of the St. Catharines Standard also denounced the debate, asking, "What is wrong with taking boating lessons from a fish? This is a comedy for kids. Puff's name in , citing it as one of the reasons for an attempted nationwide ban of the program.

Well, 'puff' is a term often used to describe a gay man, as if Ukrainian children knew that. Puff's quotes and voice have also become popular with fans and casual viewers. The Sun writer Esther Cepeda humorously referred to Mrs. Puff's catchphrase "Oh, SpongeBob!

Puff has appeared in many types of SpongeBob SquarePants merchandise, including action figures , [46] aquarium ornaments , [47] and video games. Puff's school was released. Puff and takes place at the boating school. Puff is a playable character in the Wii version, [57] and acts as a guide for the player in the Nintendo DS game.

Theme parks and events have featured Mrs. Puff, often as a costumed character. Puff's boating school. In , Mary Jo Catlett provided the voice-over for a road traffic safety commercial hosted by Mrs. It was produced by Nickelodeon and Toyota as the first in a series of SpongeBob advertisements from the two companies. The second infomercial incorporated clips from the fifth-season episode " Boat Smarts " along with new content. Puff's Boating School Ad". Puff ". Puff is mentioned in the book Shingaling , a sequel to Wonder.

Jessica Walsh of the Reading Eagle felt that the first film was "missing something, since key characters, such as Sandy the Squirrel and Mrs. Puff, make only cameo appearances". Puff to small roles "won't go over well with some fans". Krabs, Gary, Mrs. Puff and all our other favorite secondary characters? Puff and Squidward that were not in the motion picture.

The musical based on the series stars Abby C. Smith as Mrs. SpongeBob's inability to pass Mrs. Puff's course has been referenced in popular culture. In , ice hockey player Taylor Hall failed his driving test and likened it to SpongeBob's situation at Mrs. Puff's school. Puff should call her insurance agent if users channel their "inner SpongeBob while remotely driving the thing". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character in the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Puff has been called both a blowfish and a pufferfish in tie-in media. Puff Biography". Nickelodeon Southeast Asia. Viacom International, Inc. Archived from the original on November 3, The Star. Archived from the original on March 4, Der Tagesspiegel. Dieter von Holtzbrinck.

Walter Foster Publishing, Incorporated. ISBN DVD Talk. Apple Inc. January 1, Archived from the original on July 9, Retrieved July 9, Triangle Publications. Once Upon a SpongeBob. Scholastic Corporation. The Los Angeles Times. Tronc, Inc.

April 27, Greenblatt , Doug Lawrence March 7, SpongeBob SquarePants.

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SpongeBob has attended her school ever since its opening, yet has failed his final driving exam countless times, often injuring Mrs. SpongeBob, Mrs. Puff's longest-standing student, is the bane of her existence. His distracting personality, reckless driving, fear of the driving course and inability to improve torment her to no end. SpongeBob has failed his driving test countless times, often sending Mrs. Puff to the hospital and causing immense property damage in the process. On multiple occasions, she has been sent to jail as a result of his actions.

To make matters worse, SpongeBob has failed to come to terms with the reality that he cannot learn how to drive properly, largely due to his boundless optimism. Due to this, she and Squidward are on very good terms for good or evil since SpongeBob is also Squidward's bane of existence, so she has someone to relate to as seen in " Boating Buddies. However, in comparison to Squidward, Mrs. Puff has at least tried to hide her fury.

Also, she has even acted nice to SpongeBob on some occasions, though these moments tend not to last very long. Puff is a beige pufferfish with light teal fins for limbs and five brown spots under her face. Each of her fins has three green lines in the center. Her back is light brown and covered in spikes.

She has big eyes with lots of wrinkles around them, showing her old age. She also has a round beak that she usually wears pink lipstick over. She has a blonde wig with an orange outline. Sometimes, when she moves quickly, her wig flies off of her head. Her normal attire is a blue sailor's outfit with a yellow string necktie, a blue sailor cap, a red skirt and bright crimson shoes.

When she is in jail, her outfit is a red version of her normal sailor's uniform. When she is on parole, her shoes are black and she has an ankle monitor. When Mrs. Puff is scared, stressed or involved in a boat crash, she inflates like a balloon. Some episodes show that how much she puffs up depends on the severity of the crash. This is the defining trait that makes her a pufferfish. In " Demolition Doofus ," SpongeBob accidentally makes her crippled and unable to puff up again.

In that form, she looks thinner and taller than her usual self. However, she puffs up again at the end of the episode. An activity book about Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob at school. Puff is very paranoid and has a history of mental instability. In " No Free Rides ," it is implied that she had to move to another town and start a new life with a new name from the past. Puff seems to have a rather very dark history according to various episodes and may also suggest a far more sinister mental instability.

In fact, various episodes show that she has lived in a different town, taught in a different boating school, and that Mrs. Puff is not her actual name. This is possibly due to a previous failure with a student that may have had anxiety or a severe lack of common sense that SpongeBob often suffers. This is slightly confirmed in " Lighthouse Louie " where a file labelled "Mrs. Puff" can be seen behind the handle of a cooking pot and close to the picture of Mr.

Krabs with hearts on it. This is all seen as SpongeBob cleans out the boating school's lighthouse. This once again confirms Mrs. Puff's mental instability and dark history. Puff was hoping to remember when she attempted to steal SpongeBob's boating vehicle in " No Free Rides. Another thing that references this is the fact that the fish reporter in the imaginary broadcast had hair which may hint that how she imagined it is exactly what had caused her to flee to Bikini Bottom in the first place.

While this is mostly caused by SpongeBob's antics, she also suffers her pain of losing her husband , who is now a reading lamp. She is also shown to have a strict Zero-Tolerance Policy in "New Student Starfish," as she accuses SpongeBob of all Patrick's disruptions and even ignores SpongeBob when he tries to explain anything and doesn't tolerate fighting.

However, teaching and driving give her great joy, so her general outlook on life is a positive one and she always remains optimistic. When she does not have to drive with SpongeBob, she loves her job. In fact, just the thought of SpongeBob seems to drive her mad with anxiety and sinister rage.

This is confirmed in almost every episode the two interact in. However, because of her past, her mental state has degraded and deteriorated, but somewhat healed. When she found SpongeBob to be unteachable, it caused her mental state to collapse once again. This happens in almost every episode technically, but in some episodes, SpongeBob's lack of common sense and failure to adhere to driving laws has drove her over the edge, even to the point she once attempted to get him killed and even attempted to kill him herself though both attempts failed due to obvious plot armor, SpongeBob's luck, and Mrs.

Puff's horrible luck. Puff's mental state nearly collapse as SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to break her free which was revealed to be a dream. This did not end either. It was one dream after another which led Mrs. Puff to eventually give up whether she was back in reality or still dreaming. In one episode, Mrs. Puff is seen in the background talking to an ice sculpture of SpongeBob during his house party.

Also in " No Free Rides ," there is a picture in Mrs. Puff's house that shows Mrs. Puff at the exact moment she's standing in the door way which goes in presumably an infinite loop of a picture within a picture. This is just one of several hints of her delusional mental state. A similar picture also appears in " Bumper to Bumper. Overall, Mrs. Puff is a very patient and friendly fish. She thinks nothing is more satisfying than passing another boating student.

While she does not always show it, her dislike toward driving with SpongeBob is not only caused by his dangerous antics but by a feeling of self-doubt and disappointment in herself as well. She desperately wants to pass him and she won't feel that she has succeeded as a teacher if SpongeBob never graduates.

Thus, getting SpongeBob a driver's license is a goal shared by both of them and Mrs. Puff remains dedicated to continuing teaching SpongeBob until that moment. Since SpongeBob seems unteachable, Mrs. Puff often has to think outside the box to get closer to the goal of getting SpongeBob to drive. She often thinks up plans to find new ways of teaching him, hoping each time that she has found the key. While her plans never succeed, they have come exceedingly close.

For example, in " Bumper to Bumper ," she tries to rid SpongeBob of anxiety while driving by giving him the road test in a desert in the middle of nowhere. SpongeBob can clear his conscience and drives very well, but the driving test ends up being nullified because Mrs. Puff violated her parole when she drove so far away.

At the beginning of the series, Mrs. Puff seems to be a little optimistic towards SpongeBob and treats him like a good student, save for a few moments when SpongeBob crashes during the course. However, as the series progressed, Mrs. Puff seemed to have developed an intense hatred for him and can even get a bit of mental instability by just looking at him.

In "Krusty Love," her thoughts and fears about SpongeBob cause her to think that she was giving SpongeBob a driving test even though they are not at school or driving. In the episode " Demolition Doofus ," it is shown that Mrs. Puff has finally been driven completely insane by SpongeBob's antics. After losing her ability to puff up, thanks to another failed test by SpongeBob, she becomes incredibly hostile towards him. After seeing the many hospitalized competitors of the annual demolition derby , she decides to sign SpongeBob up for it, hoping that he will get killed in the derby.

However, SpongeBob proves to be very hard to take down and he even eliminates all the other competitors. At this point, Mrs. Puff enters the derby in a huge truck and tries to murder SpongeBob herself, only to crash into her boating school and regain her ability to puff up. It is also her first known time tranquilized. Puff is courteous and respectful to her students unless they cause trouble like SpongeBob.

Despite being an authority figure, she threatens to kick SpongeBob's butt at the end of " The Bully ," believing that SpongeBob punched Flats the Flounder when in reality he passed out from exhaustion after punching SpongeBob. When someone misbehaves in class, she can get very strict. She takes her zero-tolerance policy to its most extreme in " New Student Starfish " when she is completely oblivious to all of Patrick's disruptions but blames SpongeBob for everything, even telling SpongeBob he can't when he tries to explain what is going on.

Of course, Mrs. Puff only acts this way because she cares about SpongeBob and Patrick's learning experience and doesn't want them to miss anything she teaches. The thought of SpongeBob intentionally misbehaving shocks her, since he usually tries his best in class. Puff is known to love food, especially chocolate cake and pasta. Sometimes, she uses idioms involving junk foods such as cake, like in " The Getaway " when she tells Dorsal Dan "you're no chocolate cake" as a way of saying "you're no good.

There are a few things that Mrs. Puff notably hates. Her list of common annoyances in "Doing Time" includes phone solicitors, company potlucks, insurance payments, and especially road rage. She has an irrational fear of low-quality daytime television, to the point where watching it makes her burst into tears in " The Krabby Kronicle. Her classroom pet peeves are rowdy behavior in the hallways and students talking to each other during a lesson.

She also does not like it when a student interrupts her teaching and tries to teach the class themselves. Puff by providing the class with an abundance of boating-related knowledge on their field trip in an attempt to earn his driver's license. Instead of making her proud, SpongeBob makes Mrs. Puff angry because he does all of the teachings instead of her. Ironically, she does not hate spending time in jail and likes it in prison because it offers her a break from the stresses of school life, particularly SpongeBob's reckless driving.

These are my people! Because her profession involves driving and a lot of boat crashes, she has an insurance agent and a personal therapist. Her agent has never made an appearance on screen, but she is known to call him or her whenever she knows SpongeBob will be around. Sometimes, such as in " Teacher's Pests ," Mrs.

Puff has to interrupt class to call her therapist and ask for a "mega dose" of anxiety medication. Puff is often accused of SpongeBob's reckless driving and havoc wreak, with the authorities believing that she fails to educate him, and usually gets arrested in each instance. In " Patrick-Man! Puff for stealing a boat when she was trying to free a student trapped in it.

The authorities believe him and thereby arrest Mrs. Puff is among the many citizens rioting against SpongeBob for refusing to do any more favors. During the comic Puff's Pageant , it's revealed that Mrs. Puff has robbed multiple banks and that she may go back to robbing banks if she loses her boating school. Puff owns the Bikini Bottom boating school, which functions as a driver's education class under the sea.

The schoolyard is made of a sunken lighthouse, a yellow school building, and a boardwalk. Just like Mrs. Puff's sailor outfit, most things at the boating school have a nautical theme. Unlike real courses for driver's ed students, the enclosed test course at Mrs. Puff's school is a stunt track, exaggerated for comedic effect: there are bleachers for an audience of fans, stunt ramps, a race-style finish line, and even a hoop of fire. In some episodes, the testing course is even more elaborate with moving cutouts of obstacles and pedestrians " Mrs.

Puff, You're Fired ". Puff's classroom building looks small, but it contains two floors, an entire hallway, and multiple rooms, the main one being her classroom. The hallways have lockers, photos of Mrs. Puff on the walls, and trophy cases. There are also two restrooms for boy and girl students. In " New Student Starfish ," SpongeBob has names for all of the places at boating school: the Hallway of Learning, the Fountain of Learning, the Lockers of Learning, the Stairs of Learning, and—for the second flight of stairs—"just the stairs.

Boating school students spend the majority of their time in the classroom, where there are desks made of seashells. Puff has a collection of posters on the walls that show labeled diagrams of boats and maritime signal flags. The walls are also decorated with ship paddles, steering wheels, and paintings of the ocean. She usually teaches the class by writing on her chalkboard, which looks like any other writing surface but is similar to a one-way mirror, allowing her to stand outside the classroom and watch students from behind it without them knowing.

Near the chalkboard is the board for Good Noodle star stickers, which Mrs. Puff awards to students for good behavior. Each student's name is written on the board and one star is added if they answer a question correctly or have outstanding classwork. If a student misbehaves, she takes one of their stars away. Most students only have a couple of stars, but SpongeBob has loads of them collected near his name on the board.

He obsesses over the stars and can't bear to lose any. The course at Mrs. Puff's school is divided into numbered lessons, each one taking up one full day of school. Her students only need a handful of specific school supplies: mainly their driver's manuals, which are similar to textbooks in a regular school, and writing utensils. Lessons usually involve a lecture from Mrs. Puff that students are expected to take notes on. She always says, "Good grades only follow diligent notes.

Many aspects of boating school are more similar to an elementary school than to driver's ed; for example, recess and lunchtime are part of the everyday schedule. There is no cafeteria, but students are allowed to eat outside on the benches. If they choose, students like Squidward can also have lunch in the bathroom stalls, as seen in " Boating Buddies.

Puff gives rowdy students detention, albeit very rarely. When a student is in detention, they have to stay seated in their seashell desk for an entire hour without doing anything. This is a negative reinforcement for their bad behavior. Like most teachers, Mrs. Puff routinely gives out homework and papers for her students to complete. Some of the assignments she gives are based on a simple driving-related topic. Other times, they are more particular or superfluous, like reading about aspects of boating history " Nautical Novice ".

SpongeBob always does his classwork diligently and in short amounts of time, but when he has homework from Mrs. Puff, he tends to procrastinate on it until the last minute. This can be seen in " Procrastination ," where Mrs. Puff assigns SpongeBob an essay about what not to do at a stoplight. He spends the entire night finding ways to put it off, eventually dozing off into a nightmare about his house burning down because he never wrote his paper.

Luckily, he wakes up and uses everything he did to procrastinate as examples of what not to do at a stoplight. An interesting, but also unusual, assignment that Mrs. Puff has her students complete is a science project involving an unhatched chicken egg. The students have to keep watch of the egg, named Roger , and make sure it stays warm under a light bulb.

SpongeBob says that the light represents knowledge and Roger's shell represents the "fragile line between life and death when behind the wheel of a boat. Puff herself admits that she is "not sure what saving an egg has to do with boating school. At the end of each semester, Mrs. Puff's students have to take a final exam on paper. She only gives them about three minutes to complete it. It is never shown up close, but based on the comments made about the exam in " Boating Buddies ," it is likely a short and simple multiple-choice style test.

If a student fails the exam, they are allowed to retake it in a week. The written exam is different from the final boating test, which is taken outside of the classroom on the driving course. If a pupil fails this final road test, they have to be in boating school for another entire year , so it is more important. Some aspects of Mrs. Puff's school are less positive. She has an entire drawer full of mean drawings made by rebel students, such as Patrick's sketch of her as a "Big Fat Meanie.

Puff's stress. The exact location of Mrs. Puff's school varies within the series, but according to The Essential Guide , it is in the center of Bikini Bottom between Mrs. Puff's house and Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house. It is the biggest known establishment in town, counting the driving course. In " Dying for Pie " and several other episodes, the boating school lighthouse is visible from the aerial view of Bikini Bottom.

Puff is revealed to have had a husband in the episode "Krusty Love. She has since had trouble recovering from this tragedy with SpongeBob stating that she does not like to talk about it. SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff in a bubble boat. SpongeBob SquarePants has attended Mrs. Puff's Boating School ever since its founding. He was the first student to show up when she announced it was open.

He is a relentlessly obedient and well-intentioned student who knows the answer to every question, aces the oral exam every time he takes it, and obsesses over earning the Good Noodle stars that Mrs. Puff displays near her chalkboard.

He often brings her apples as a courtesy, and she even has a whole crate of them below her desk. He would be her best student if it weren't for his tendency to freak out whenever he steps inside of a boat. He has failed his final driving exam countless times, often injuring Mrs. Puff and damaging her school in the process. Love in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob squarepants: puffzillas dream lesson. Krab Puff gijinka. Luna - No prob, sis! I'm sure Lincoln will be especially proud once you finally get your license!

Leni - Totally! I just wish he was here to support me instead of hanging out with his friends. You may have failed the last 20 times, but 21 is your lucky number! You'll totally pass! I'll do my best for Lincoln! Luna - That's the spirit, dude!

Now get in there and ace that exam! Leni - Right! Safety Boating with Teacher Eda. What if Mrs. Puff falls in love with Stickyfins? SpongeBob - Mrs. Puff pajamas.

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