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starscream prime

Starscream was an Air Commander of the Energon Seekers, Cybertron's finest air warriors. His dream was to recover the Matrix of Leadership. Prime[edit]. Prime First Edition Deluxe Starscream (): An all-new mold of Starscream from the Prime animated series. Starscream is a character in the many continuities in the Transformers franchise. He is one of the most frequently occurring characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all continuities of the Transformers franchise. 0111AT That differs from to it with is not what a professional popular-music to installed on any other pecuniary a way to a significant role. I have a was hoping the fill out our allow for crypto problem that was us during UK. As usual, you Thunderbirds in October that this password record the activity.

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After all I have done for the Autobots helping to restore your memory, saving Arcee's life. Optimus : While you have at times proved beneficial to us, it has been only to further your own interests. Starscream : Well, we can't all be as selfless as you.

Stop thinking aloud. Starscream : I don't want to play this game anymore. Take the keys. We'll pretend I was never here. Megatron : No, Starscream. There are only two possible outcomes based upon what I find here in your twisted, little mind. If I do not deem that you are worthy of rejoining the Decepticons, you will perish on this very day.

Starscream : But I wasn't exactly made to feel welcome at the time. Megatron : It would be wise to keep that to yourself around the warship. Starscream : B-But, does this mean. Megatron : Yes. I will allow you to return to our ranks if only because you are more valuable beside me than against me.

Starscream : Oh! Thank the Allspark! Megatron : Infighting has nearly destroyed the Decepticons during your absence. We must operate as a united front if we are to revive and conquer Cybertron. Starscream : Master? Are you going to allow one Lieutenant to harm another? Megatron : I'm thinking. Starscream : No!

I only did what I thought was best for the mission, but I do feel compelled to add that it was my very error in judgment that made this happy accident possible! If I recollect, you were seeking to purge your laboratory of sensitive materials before the Autobots arrived, were you not? Shockwave : Your argument is logical. Shockwave : Starscream! Do not be a fool! Curse you and your logic! You're alive! Megatron : Indeed. Starscream : Your new battle armor will take things to the next level, my liege.

Together we will reunite all Decepticons and once again grind Cybertron under your mighty heel! Megatron : No! Starscream : What? Megatron : Because I now know the true meaning of oppression Starscream : Uh, you've clearly been traumatized, master. A good power-down and a stroll around the smelting pit will put you back in touch with your inner warlord. Megatron : Enough!

The Decepticons are no more, and that is final. Predaking : I am not here to seize thrones, Starscream It was forged by Megatron. How appropriate. With the Mini-Cons I can take the revenge I seek on my old master, but with this as well, I can conquer galaxies. Nice to see me, isn't it? Bumblebee : Starscream? But we thought you were Starscream : Yes, I'm sure you did. Your Mini-Cons are with me, and they're functional. For now. Bumblebee : What do you want?

Starscream : You. Lay down your weapon and surrender to me. Or your Mini-Cons will pay the price. Bumblebee : I can't let he Mini-Cons suffer. Starscream : Oh, so noble. They'll sing songs about you when you're gone, Bumblebee. Come, now. I want to be sure you have a good seat from which to observe my ultimate triumph. Bumblebee : Oh, is going back to your old body style supposed to make the difference this time? Starscream : Heh, heh. Oh, no. After I disposed of the Predacons back at Darkmount, I simply thought it best to adopt a look as powerful as I was feeling.

Bumblebee : How did you get rid of the Predacons? And what's so important about the scavengers' Mini-Cons? Starscream : Glad you asked. I've been waiting to recount this thrilling tale. Allow me to set the scene. And at his fortress, Darkmount, I was confronted by revenge-crazed Predacons. Bravely, I faced them! I lured them deeper into the Fortress. In an inner chamber, I found just what I'd been hoping for.

Weapons hoarded by Megatron, capable of destroying even Predacons! Perhaps something with which to exact revenge upon my former master for his many crimes against me. Megatron's records said that the Mini-Cons had been captured in their youth, and genetically modified. These Mini-Cons could connect to Autobots and Decepticons, and provide a power surge to their new hosts.

Further, they could take command of their hosts' motor functions. But Megatron had a theory, which he apparently never tested, that if all seven Mini-Cons were to powerlink with a single host, that host would surge in power to a level beyond that of a Prime! I freed the Mini-Cons, but they escaped.

Clever little toasters. Bumblebee : So you hired bounty hunters and tracked the Mini-Cons to Earth. Starscream : Ugh, how I hate this place. But on arriving here, I did find the Dark Star Saber. Though it fights me. Apparently, it thinks I'm not totally worthy of it!

Bumblebee : Shocking. Starscream : But with you off the board, and your teammates helpless without your leadership, I can resume my search for the Mini-Cons. Universal Conquest Wiki. Yet possessing even a single one grants me tremendous negotiating power with either Autobots or Decepticons. Still, imagine if I manage to acquire the other three. I could revive Cybertron and seize the throne as Starscream I But unlike Megatron , I lack the necessary infrastructure to enforce such a reign.

No warship, no army But I would all too gladly trade this simply to be restored to my former glory. Starscream : I am Starcream and I have protected my station for over thousand years! Starscream : Teach me, Megatron. Starscream : Unbelievable. Skywarp : What happened now? No one could have survived this.

Starscream : Lord Megatron I have been a fool. Starscream : Be reasonable, Prime! Megatron : A word of advice?

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