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marvel ct llc

Get free company information, or buy a full company report from the Orbis Directory from Bureau van Dijk. Find reviews, opening hours, photos & videos for LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 'MARVEL CT'; 'MARVEL CT' LLC - Grape Producers And Direct Wine Sales in Moskva. MARVEL | followers on LinkedIn. Marvel-Distribution company founded in holds leading positions in computer equipment distribution market in Russia. AUDIO BLUETOOTH RECEIVER These days email about the challenges able to connect, forward engineer the per week basic configuration, diagnosis, and to get more. Covers the global 25 of reviews. Port4 to make life went back you can wait mouse or keyboard to go back a little more.

The demand for the service for all participants in the chain gave impetus to the launch of a similar project. At the end of , the revenue of Marvel Distribution increased by 3. On October 4, , representatives of law enforcement agencies came to the Moscow office of Marvel-Distribution.

The company says this is due to some counterparties. A source in the IT market told about the visit of security officials to the office of the IT distributor of RBC , and the company's representative Yulia Salagaeva confirmed this information. According to her, law enforcement officers requested "documents on working with some counterparties from This is the second case in a month of the interest of the security forces in large IT companies.

Earlier, at the request of the investigation, the Tverskoy court of Moscow arrested Mikhail Lyashch, president of the Compulink group of companies. We are talking about fraud on an especially large scale. The entrepreneur is charged with part 4 of article of the Criminal Code. Meanwhile, Yulia Salagaeva told RBC that on October 4, , a virus got into the Marvel Distribution system, because of which communication problems began.

The company was forced to forcibly turn off Internet channels, as a result of which the corporate telephone and postal service ceased to work. Employees of the company could not communicate with each other by corporate mail and landlines, but maintained communication only by mobile phones.

The incident, which allegedly occurred due to the opening by one of the employees of a malicious file in email, did not affect the work with customers, Salagaeva added. This was announced in February by the senior vice president, general manager of the company Konstantin Shlyakhov.

According to him, the process of business consolidation began in , when the main contracts with suppliers were transferred to Marvell CT. In total, about 4 thousand contracts passed to it. Together, six legal entities of the company in ceased to operate by reorganization in the form of joining Marvell KT.

Several legal entities that duplicate functions were simply eliminated, they say in Marvel Distribution. At the same time, according to the Kontur. Focus database, one of them - Marvell Company LLC - has been going through bankruptcy proceedings since A representative of the management of Marvel Distribution told TAdviser that the owners decided to liquidate this company through bankruptcy, as it had negative net assets due to the "not very successful passage of the crisis of previous years.

The net loss of Marvel Company in amounted to 1. To include these losses in the overall balance of Marvel-Distribution would mean artificial damage to the indicators, the company representative said. At the same time, all external creditors will be satisfied, he added. Business consolidation and the transition to transparent reporting were preceded by problems with the tax of Marvel-Distribution in St.

After the Federal Tax Service , amid sanctions and falling oil prices, aimed at increased tax collection in the budget, the largest IT distributors were the first to be hit and forced to go to work completely "in white" [2]. About this back in , the St. Petersburg portal wrote in its investigation DP. Petersburg for the largest taxpayers came to Marvel-Distribution offices with an exit check.

According to the results of the audit, Marvell Companies LLC accrued million rubles of income tax and million rubles of VAT , as well as penalties and fines totaling more than million rubles. Business consolidation allows Marvel Distribution to output more transparent financial statements, which makes the company more attractive, transparent and understandable to partners, insurers and creditors, Marvel Distribution notes. As an example, Konstantin Shlyakhov cited Samsung , with whom the company has long worked in the field of project business.

Marvel Distribution on a loan for which the latter turned to him. In , Marvel Distribution needed a loan of several million dollars for one delivery, and, showing Samsung consolidated statements, the company received a credit line ten times larger than the previous one.

A more transparent structure also makes it possible to simplify interaction with government agencies, including the customs service. In , the company, together with the customs service, underwent an audit to obtain the status of an authorized economic operator. This will significantly simplify the procedure for importing goods, reduce overhead costs and the volume of document flow, calculated in Marvel-Distribution. Business consolidation has reduced the costs of administering a large number of legal entities.

In Marvell CT in , the average state population is people. We add that in , Marvel-Distribution first appeared in the ranking of the largest RBC companies, and at the end of took rd place in it. Marvel Distribution at the beginning of the year rented more than sq. In the office, which occupies the entire 27th floor, the company began working in January The lease agreement was concluded for 5 years with a possible subsequent extension.

The old office in Moscow will no longer be used - the lease term ends in January. The layout of the office space includes a spacious openspace, several meeting rooms, places for coffee breaks and recreation areas. A panoramic view of Moscow, opening from windows around the entire perimeter of the office, makes it possible to see many sights of the capital from almost a bird's eye view. Within a month, a design project will be completed in which the company's corporate colors - white and blue - will be used.

The previously calculated turnover of Marvell KT in in Russia amounted to Such data were reported to the company in February Marvel-Distribution also has companies in Kazakhstan and Georgia that manage business in different regions outside Russia. The company told TAdviser that the turnover in Kazakhstan at the end of the year after the final calculations, Marvel-Distribution expects at the level of about 6 billion rubles, and up to 1.

At the same time, the company does not expect significant growth in the project business in against the background of the general state of the market. In the project distribution, according to the company, all the main areas also showed growth: telecom, servers and, SHD as well. One of the new directions in project distribution was the opening of joint solutions with HP "marketplace" for SMB companies.

The aspiration that Marvel-Distribution wanted, but again could not fulfill, was the signing of a distribution agreement with Microsoft in Russia. The company plans to make further efforts to make this happen. A company representative in a conversation with TAdviser noted that in order to conclude a contract with a vendor who has an established pool of distributors, it is necessary to prove to him that the company is somehow better than the rest.

Marvel-Distribution is trying to do this using the example of Kazakhstan, where it already has a distribution agreement with Microsoft. The development of its own multivendor "marketplace" for software distribution over the Internet should also increase the attractiveness of the company as a distributor, a representative of Marvel Distribution said. As of the beginning of , Marvel-Distribution is working on the development of such a site.

In March , Novaya Gazeta reported that its journalists for several months of work, with the participation of colleagues from other publications in the world, were able to calculate the final recipients of Landromat's money [3] So the journalists of Novaya Gazeta called the money laundering platform, through which a total of about billion rubles were withdrawn from Russia.

Journalists claim that, having built by the principle of "follow the money" "follow money" chains of the movement of money on accounts of dozens of companies involved in Landromat they found real, but not nominal people who as a result got money withdrawn from Russia according to "the Moldavian scheme". According to Novaya Gazeta, these funds were transferred by fictitious offshore companies, in favor of which Moldovan bailiffs wrote off money from Russia.

Documents about Zymbeline Trading are in the "Panama archive. The publication failed to clarify whether he controlled the company's account and later, when money was transferred to it according to the "Moldavian scheme," and Girdin himself did not respond to the request of Novaya Gazeta, the publication claims. Marvell stated that the company has nothing to comment on regarding the publication of Novaya Gazeta, since no documents were received from the publication for consideration.

However, based on the analysis of open data, it can be concluded that the results of the journalistic investigation have nothing to do with Marvell or Sergey Girdin, the company added. Marvel-Distribution , which has historically focused on the supply of hardware solutions, is interested in developing and software business, company representatives said in February The vendor in whose software she is primarily interested is Microsoft , as the company occupies a significant share of the software market.

The company has been communicating with the American corporation for about three years, Konstantin Shlyakhov , senior vice president of Marvel-Distribution, told TAdviser. Previously, the company collaborated with Microsoft in the direction of mobile devices, which naturally "stemmed" from its previous partnership with Nokia.

Subsequently, the mobile division of Nokia was acquired by the American corporation, but in it became apparent that Microsoft did not plan to develop it, according to Marvel Distribution. The fact that there has not yet been cooperation with the American vendor on software in Marvel Distribution is explained by the fact that historically Microsoft had other distributors, and their company was initially more involved in hardware solutions.

Marvel-Distribution has an agreement with Microsoft for the distribution of some software solutions in Kazakhstan since The company expects to expand it to all Microsoft lines and, due to successful sales in Kazakhstan, start working with Microsoft and in Russia. Marvel-Distribution is also interested in selling software in the field of information security , Konstantin Shlyakhov told TAdviser.

For example, antivirus. Negotiations on cooperation are underway with a number of suppliers in this segment, the company says, without specifying which ones. Marvel Distribution has experience selling Oracle products, including software.

Growth refers mainly to software. The contribution to the growth was made by the fact that at the end of Oracle stopped deliveries through one of its distributors in Russia, and its share was distributed among the rest, explained in Marvel Distribution. The growth of dynamics on Oracle was also facilitated by the sale of Unlimited License unlimited license software of this vendor, in which Marvel-Distribution participated.

As a rule, the distributor does not participate in the sale of unlimited licenses, Oracle supplies them itself to either the customer or the partner, the company explains. In this case, Marvel-Distribution was able to convince everyone that it would not be superfluous in this supply chain. She "was able to offer such an interesting offer for everyone with such a modest estimate of her own percentage that for all participants in the chain, the participation of Marvel Distribution did not lead to additional costs.

The contract applies to all vendor software products in Russia and the CIS. The course on import substitution in Russia has not yet had a significant impact on the company's business, a representative of Marvel Distribution said in a conversation with TAdviser. There is a trend for import substitution as such, but in the direction of "iron" solutions with potential that would be interesting to the company's partners are not yet on the market.

Simply because for the appearance of real analogues, years of corresponding work by the "deputies" must pass, says Konstantin Shlyakhov. The situation is slightly better with import substitution in the field of software, Shlyakhov believes. In this area, Russia initially had companies that, even before the emergence of the term "import substitution," actively worked in world markets, a strong programming school was historically formed, so it was necessary to create a replacement product not from scratch, but often from very good starting positions.

The company is also interested in selling software by subscription in Russia, acting in this case as an authorized sales channel of the vendor. Marvell invested in creating an internal software distribution system according to such a model, a company representative told TAdviser. Interested in Marvel-Distribution and in sales of cloud services.

The company told TAdviser that they are considering the possibility of providing cloud services based on the data center of a partner abroad, outside the CIS. Marvell is exploring the option of investing in the development of this data center and further providing cloud services on its basis - both infrastructure and SaaS. In which country and on the basis of which site, the company chose not to specify.

This was told by representatives of the company in February The company chose not to disclose the dynamics of turnover in rubles. Marvel-Distribution sells in two areas: distribution retail and the project business. The components department also increased sales. The main distribution channels of the retail direction were companies operating in computer retail, cellular and consumer retail, as well as the B2B channel.

The direction of project distribution also showed growth. Its share in total revenue is growing. In February , Marvel Distribution stopped supplying Apple products. The high requirements of the IT giant for partners, a change in the working model in the Russian Federation and a drop in sales affected. According to him, Apple, which has long distributed its products in Russia through distributors, has established direct deliveries to retail networks and the sale of goods through its own online store.

At the same time, the California giant makes distributors "not just very tough, but also capital-intensive" requirements, Shlyakhov continues. Among them is percent security of the credit line in the form of a deposit or bank guarantee , which forces the distributor to "freeze" large funds.

But in the current market conditions, banks are in no hurry to lend to companies in Russia, said a representative of Marvel Distribution. Another reason that influenced the distributor's refusal to partner with Apple was the reduction in sales of expensive corporation equipment in Russia amid a drop in the purchasing power of the population. Konstantin Shlyakhov emphasized that the distribution of Apple products is not a business that allows you to get a high return on investment.

For vendors, create value through efficiency, demand generation, and access to markets and customers. For resellers, provide unique offerings that create sales and profit opportunities, including valuable vendor relationships, sales programs, access to credit, and training and development. It is made for sales. Our Vision We intend to be an indispensable bridge between our vendors and customers.

Our Mission Measurably contribute to the growth and profitability of our customers — both vendors and resellers — in a manner that is difficult to replicate or substitute. Our Advantages Products Wide-range, coherent portfolio Focus on advanced technologies Channel margin generation Services Developed logistics system Financial services CRM and B2B systems Customer-Oriented Approach Customized approach Prompt decision-making Recommendations for product selection and business development Training and authorization by manufacturers Information and marketing support Seminars, conferences, partner meetings in Russia and abroad.

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